Fortis Zevenheuvelenloop holland


Has anyone run this 15k race before in Holland , its  caled the Fortis Zevenheuvelenloop , i am running it on Sunday and boy i have just been on the site and it looks great but hilly  of course its called the seven hills .


  • Hills... in Holland, or is this some other Holland that you're talking about. Check out the terrain map, its undulating but not hilly. If it didn't have the town bits it'd be far more fun. Go out and enjoy. Good luck.
  • Hi bikermouse

    thanks for that, ia am soooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to going and doing this race 

  • Thought I'd bump this one on the off-chance anyone here had entered the now Abn-Amro Zevenheuvelenloop as well as myself.

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