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  • I do believe that it is a certain hobbit's birthday...

     Happy birthday Frodo!!! imageimageimage

    (this is a real cake made by amazing baker)

  • Morning by the way image

    *waves to everyone, sets out brunch tray with bacon rolls, sossidge sammiches, croissants and a selection of fruit and yoghurt*

  • Oooh Happy Birthday Mrs Hobbit imageimageimage

    We are about to go and watch the finish of the White Peak Half. I should have been running, but house moving and mum in hospital seriously b*ggered up my training and I pulled out. 

    Laters *waves*

  • *pedant alert*


    That's Gollum,not a hobbit!

  • Ok my geekiness has made me look up Gollum, he was a hobbit corrupted by the ring (oo-er missus)

  • Tsk, Bear, tsk. 

    Gollum was Smeagol, and Smeagol was a hobbit. Also, it was just a LoTR themed cake. I wasn't implying it was Gollum's birthday image


  • D'oh!

    Belated happy birthday Hash! I hope you had a fantastic day image imageimage


  • Thank you, lovely people image

    Done a bonkers hilly 9 mile run and came back to a massive birthday brunch with all the guys who are here for the wedding. Already warm and glowy with fizz and about ready to start getting dolled up for the festivities image
  • Happy Birthday lovely Hobbit!

    I'm most confused as I thought i had made redbush tea, but when I poured it I discovered that it was peppermint.

  • (((Frodo))) Cor as I wasn't armed with the relevent information last time, then this time here we go again, but with my *ridiculously expansive, most cheerleaderish ever, magnificently exuberantile, Happy Birthday Frodo image wave*

    (with extra jumping up and down action).

    (((Bookie))) After all that waving and jumping up and down, I'd very much enjoy a bacon roll, thank you.

  • mmmm sammiches!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday Frodo, I hope you have a lovely day.
  • Happy birthday Frodo image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I feel like the meat in a bear sandwich!
  • It's a double decker bear sandwich image

  • Happy birthday Frodo! And have a splendid time at the wedding. image

    If you find the time, have a look at this sweet little animation, it only lasts 38 seconds but I love it and the music is great too.

  • Happy birfdee frodes. Xxx
  • Happy birthday Frodo. An excellent time of year to have a birthday! Have a great time at the wedding.

    There's a lot of birtday stuff about, we're currently zooming up the M1 at point-earning speed to see another friend whose b'day it is. He lives near a pub with its own micro brewery and there's a yummy indian next door. Predictable outcome?image
  • You're not going to see your friend but get stuck in the pub?

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I'm expecting to be ill...PJ and mrs p have both had a bout of sickness, I feel a bit dizzy and when I asked Cal if he was dizzy beforehand he  said, yeah, give it four hours you'll be chucking up for England. Thanks son.


  • *Places strategic sick bowl in the corner of the thread*

  • How are you feeling Mr. P?

    Casualty has just started. I wonder how many errors they'll make this week? image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Not too bad but not quite right either. I won't fuss though, you know me.

    In the guardian it says Cannes honours the bookworm, is there

    something you're not telling us?
  • Happy Birthday

    You are so brave Mr P

    Love you Mundanies
  • image Hey SOLB image

  • Hey Bear x
  • How are you hun? x

  • A little sad, gonna drop a note in at the docs asking if I can up the a/d's

  • Aw  booo. Yeah speak to the doc.


    I'm wiped out after yesterday's adventures, but very happy as my footy team are now champions of Europe image

  • Sounds good on all sides little bear - I like adventures image
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