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  • Urgh! I just made a right idiot of myself!

    I phone to confirm the job interview time, but they didn't have me on the list! I was starting to panic, thinking they'd sent me the invitation by mistake, when I realised I'd given them my maiden name instead of married name. D'oh! image

  • hahahaha image

  • Aww cute little Bookie

    I has runned ... well actually I jogged a mile with a shocking 2 walk breaks and still got home gasping, wheezing and coughing but that is the worst one out of the way image
  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    Urgh! I just made a right idiot of myself!

    I phone to confirm the job interview time, but they didn't have me on the list! I was starting to panic, thinking they'd sent me the invitation by mistake, when I realised I'd given them my maiden name instead of married name. D'oh! image


  • image


    To be fair, I've been a bookworm for a fair few years and a Cake for a few weeks. It takes a bit of getting used to!

  • Bookie - I did that for years!!  You still feel silly when you do it though lol

    *Big cheer for SOLB* - well done chickie on getting out! image

  • Poor thing (((hug)))

    In mundane news every year as w**k they have a football game between to office's in honour of a mate who passed away before his time this year because of lack of player's they have asked me to play I couldn't say no so now I'm cycling into sheffield running the half marathon and then playing football. image


    I like cheese. image

  • Thank you GFB I feel much happier already, roll on tomorrows pathetic bimble ... I have also been gardening just to irritate the you can't come out demon even more ... Have retreated back under my rock now but feel proud of myself.

    Oo Cake, do you have superpowers?

    How are you doing duck?

    Manly Dawn ... It was cool image

  • (((Cake))) You is a sports machine.

    (((solb))) Yay you with the poking demons and running coolness.

  • image to running!

    How's the bike now DS? Have you managed to change the gear to brake ratio? If you have, can you tell me how to do it please?

    I've just had an hour long phone call, the content of which most people would pay for. And no, it's not anthing saucy (before anyone gets the wrong idea), it was about Bob. 

  • I've been into town and bought some new clothes.  I've decided that some of my summer clothes have got tatty so I treated myself to some more.  I got tops in red, blue and grey.

    Its a nice grey and not 'beige that hides the dirt'.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I am tired and want to go back to bed.

    I am trying to decide what pair of shoes to buy next.

    inov8 Bare x-lite
    inov8 Road x
    Nike Free 3

    I shall go sleep on it. image

    Alarm call for 6:30 please.

  • I have chosen a new colour for my hair.  It's not radically different according to the packet so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  • I have the Nike 3.0 and they are shoes I've ever had...a bit hard to get used to (no bounce and very flat) but they have resolved any hip/hamstring pain I've ever had.

  • (((Bookie))) Sadly not Bookie, the amount of gears still appears to have a 10 - 1 advantage over the breaks image      I have yet to actually crash, but I have managed a couple of wibbles and a topple.  

  • Hair looks slightly darker I suppose.

  • image Mate if you want we could pop by and cheer you up by crashing for you? I've got to do a really long bike ride next month (don't ask) if you wanted to i could pop down and say hello. Got a cupple of things for you on our welsh dresser keep forgetting to post so can hand them over. At the end of the day rome wasn't build in a day mate. image

  • image Caaz we demand pictures. image

  • You can demand all you want.  Not easy to take pictures of yourself and I really can't be bothered to try to find the camera and the lead to download it.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I said 6:30 not 6. oh well, I'm awake now, no going back.

    GFB  I don't like cushioned shoes and they are not very good to run in. My NB 101's have no cushioning and I do most all my off road running in those. I have Fatswitches and Kinvaras for the road. The Kinvaras feel a little sluggish, I think it is because the don't fit so well. They are too narrow. The Nikes have an extra wide fitting if you use Nike id. I have just bought a pair of inov8 roclite 268 and I think they feel very clumpy. the forefoot feels wide enough but the rest of the shoe feels too big. That's a siz3 6 - 39.5. they were in the sale and I bought online - bit of a gamble. I would have liked something lighter. Not run in them yet of course. They'll gat used til they fall apart as nearly all my running is off road. I do want to do some speed work though.

  • (((Cake))) That sounds really good, it'd be great to meet up with you again. image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Steve took his tie off in the office today.
  • Just his tie?  I was getting a bit worried there...

  • Are you allowed to remove your tie in an office? I thought they were mandatory?

    I had a fish finger sandwich for tea. With salad cream in case you were wondering. 

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    My yellow ink cartridge has run out.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Steve is a bit louche tbh.


  • I could murder a fish finger sandwich. Haven't had one for years.

    I also have a mossie bite just exactly where you don't want a mossie bite. *must*not*scratch*. I'm wriggling strangely instead.

    Mimaduck are you okay? Just wondering how it went yesterday.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I need to get ready for work. I shall not be wearing a tie, though I could I guess. If I can find a pea green tie.

  • Morning image

    Been a busy time in the garden, a bit of the ole sunny stuff sure makes a big difference.

    Great news that you'll soon have a grandson gfb image image

    I have a mozzie bite on my hip. Big was bitten on the shin by a horse fly whilst on a run last week. It looks nasty.image I've ordered some skin so soft dry body oil as I've heard it acts as an insect repellent. If it doesn't, we shall be nice and soft anyway.... which will probably make it easier for the bugs to bite us image

  • My plans for today have been cancelled.  Not sure what to do now.  I don't function very well without a plan.

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