Analyse my weekly training schedule?

Ok, I've sent my training schedule into "Diary Doctor" in the Runner's World magazine a few times, and not had any luck yet at all.

So I was wondering if anyone with more experience than me could rate my training schedule and give me advice as to where I could improve with better workouts etc?

I currently have a 45:00 10k PB (but haven't raced at that distance for 6 months), and a 1:43:30 for a Half a few months ago. I'm aiming for a 42 minute 10k and a 1:35 at the Silverstone Half in March.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1M warmup, then 2x2 miles at Half Marathon pace (8.3mph), then 2x1 mile at 10k pace (9mph). 1M warmdown.
Wednesday: 8M at a steady pace (about 1 hour).
Thursday: 7M easy (about 57 minutes).
Friday: Tempo Run - 6M, with 4M at 8.5mph.
Saturday: Weights in Gym/Core exercises
Sunday: Long Run (13-15 miles, 1:45 - 2:05)

For a total weekly mileage of 40 - 42 miles.

Whaddya think?


  • I think, bloody hell, I am just knackered looking at it image
  • Dare i say it but i reckon you should slow down your runs

    All your runs seem way to quick

    on your half time mcmillan running calculator (google it can't do links at the mo) suggests long runs should be run at 8:50-9:50 miling

    easy runs at 8:50-9:20
  • Agree with slowing down. My race times are similar as are my targets. I am concentrating on base training at the moment though so i dont do any intervals or tempo runs as such.

    You could get some benefit out of restructuring your week a little bit. Do your easy paced run on a wednesday and then your tempo on a thursday so you are going hard/easy. You could probably stand to build up the distance of that easy run too so it becomes a midweek long(ish) run. I would also rest on friday and do another easy/steady run on saturday. Your legs will be more tired when you do your long run but that will be good for the latter stages of races.

  • You should also add in both strides and technique drills twice a week.  I hope you haven't given us speeds rather than minutes per mile because you are doing these runs on a treadmill!
  • Thanks for the advice so far.

    I did as you suggested tcg, and did 7 easy miles today, and will do the tempo tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm sort of bound at the moment by lectures and seminars, so I don't have a lot of leeway with regards to time, so I'll have to see what happens. Next semester should be easier though.

    I have tried slowing down as well, and it feels almost artificially slow sometimes, but I'll get used to that over time I guess.

    Moraghan - the reason it's actual speeds is because I get the average speed readings directly off of my Garmin. I hate dreadmills.
  • Garmin is normally mins per mile not Mph???????

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