Bolton 10K

done this race a couple of times  and what a good route it is   and good finish on the track   good  with a few hills  but not the bad


  • You're planning ahead Ning. image

    Did this one last year. Nice t-shirt.

  • just get bored at times    have to find some thing to write
  • how did i know fero would be on here lol.

    they need to fix the entry though. lets you pay for the fun run  but not the 10k image

    may get the kids over to do this one. depends if its a medal or other memento though. little sausages want to have medals lol

  • I am Ning's stalker. image

    The brats, er sausages, should be ok, as last year it was a medal for the fun run & t-shirt for the main 10k. I did both!

  • lol. it was a medal at eh fun run on the day of the 5k too, but at the moment is says momento so im taking that as non medal lol. im not paying for anything else until the back end of Jan now anyway. sons birthday is not until april, yet im going to be spending £80 towards his birthday tomorrow lol. i dont even get xmas out of the way and its already costing me lol
  • Try contacting organiser Nick. He's always helpful.

    Oh I'm so happy I don't have brats! Oslo on Tues. Dublin next Weds. And Prague Xmas week. Whoop whoop. Couldn't do any of that with brats! image

  • i've mailed Nick before the Bolton 5k and yup he is very helpful.

    id take the kids over travelling and day. using trains are bad enough, screw sitting around airport for hours on end too

  • There were lots of kids at the 10k's fun run last time, so I'm sure the kids would enjoy it. But I agree about medals! Very important. Not just for kids too! I won't get out of bed unless there's a medal!

    I'm excited about the airport. Wonder if it's snowing in Oslo.....image

  • yup. the kids love playing with the few i have, be nice to get them some of their own lol.

    fingers crossed you get some snow over there lol

  • You can get packets of plastic medals with "winner " on from Tesco for about a quid! Could come in useful if they do a Parkrun??

  • next time you see some grab them please. i very rarely go into a tesco lol. i can pay in chocolate coins if that helps pmsl
  • I'll see if they are still there! It might have been Asda.....but I think it was Tesco.
  • thankyou. if not, theres always ebay lol
  • Freckleton gave a great medal for the fun run. But what would you do with the kids if you did the HM....Not until June.
  • i better get them in training so they can complete a hm. im sure if i told a little lie about their ages on the entry form, no one would notice image
  • Fercotias

    you have been busy on here  back up to speed on my running and ready for sundays Clowne half   the race is now full

    train was late tonight    it gave on time, 17.07   then 17.11 then 16 then 13 and it came at 17.14  but l made my bus at greenfield which was 16 mins late  so luckly there

  • Bats, the cut off time for Freckleton HM was 2 hrs 40 last year. So I did the fun run. I think BP might notice 5 year old twins on the course somehow......he doesn't miss a trick...... image

    Hi Ning. Got another 5k PB on Sun. image Can't wait for the Santa run. Hehehe image

  • ahh but if i dress them up as a pantomime cow/horse etc they may sneak through.

     i'll have a word with someone tuesday about the entry for this too image

  • Brilliant idea. But I assure you BP will notice. image
  • i dunno. they may just be taller than you when its run again image

    seems you never got the hint from my last message either lol

  • Eh? Wot? Huh? image
  • lol, about having a word with someone on tuesday evening. hint £2 saving on future races image
  • Oh you mean joining a club. I'm not good on cryptic clues..... image
  • lmao. figured in for a penny, in for a pound lol.
  • Think I'm joining Sale.
  • i think i remember you saying that was your prefered choice.

    im just hope im not too far behind everyone else tuesday evening lol. 

  • It's just 3 miles down the road.

    Well I'm not coming along just so you won't be last as I'll be in Oslo on Tues! image

  • there are rumuors there could be a chester mararthon  in 2010
  • would i be right in thinking there did used to be one, or at least a half, in part using the a483 (wrexham-chester)
  • bats

    not sure

    chester mararthon course is been measured on Monday  and read on another thread that the race could be may late bank holiday 2010

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