Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon

must be a tough mararthon this one  as been of  road   but fun  


  • It is !

    And I don't know if it still does but when OH did it it finished on a steep cobbled road - just what you need after a 26 mile slog over rough terrain!


  • It's definitely an experience, not to be missed i couldn't recommend it more if you fancy a challenge. Another technical top in the goody bag this year so it really is good value too.
  • Can a 4 hour london marathoner get around this course? sounds a challenge

  • Did the White Peak Marathon in 3:47.  How much longer will it take me to get round this one?

    Anyone know how it compares to the South Downs Marathon?

  • IG2 - I could only dream of doing a marathon in 4 hours image, but did the Yorkie last year.  Took me 5 and half hours to complete.   Really great run - scenery, support, atmosphere etc and truly brilliant value for money.  

    Friendly - I reckon you could add half an hour or so onto your road time (if you run a road marathon in over 4 hours), probably less if you're a faster runner.  The reccies that Keighley AC do are really good, if you can get up to them (have a look on their website).   I think the race does fill up, so I wouldn't leave it too long before entering!! 

  • Thanks for all advice ... having never off roaded after 20 years of road running I've bought some New Balance 480 Trail Shoes for the run. Does anyone know if these will be fine or do you recommend normal road shoes? The route mentioned 4 miles of tarmac, so I didnt want to knacker my knees with trail shoes. Any help is appreciated.
  • Trail definitely image    I'm not sure about the four miles of tarmac ... not on the route we ran last year (nor on what I can see listed for this year!).    Nowhere near that amount .... maybe a mile at the most, if you added all the little bits together (even then, I reckon you'd be pushing it!).   Definitely trail shoes and be prepared to get them dirty image ........
  • Thanks for info : ) Took the 480s out last night for their first run. Meant to be a 10 minute try run, but ended up 80 minute cross country. Amazingly light and wish I'd ran off road sooner
  • Just signed up for the half - it sounds great! I did read on the website that runners should carry a map and a compass. Have I read this correctly or am I just embarassing myself on a national forum?
  • Map and compass are you having a laugh?!
  • From the website! 

    Hot meal at finish & refreshments en-route, you are requested to carry a mug. The route is partially flagged but you are recommended to recce the course & carry the relevant map.  A full narrative is sent out with confirmation of entry.

    A4 colour map of route also available at cost of 75p. This is an off road event & run under FRA rules & guidelines. The route covers open moorland & the highest point in West Yorks. Please carry required kit, map, compass & emergency rations.

  • where do we order the 75p map from? Plus are there any 4 1/2 to 5 hour runners out there who want to pair up?
  • MH4/JV - As it says, the race is run under FRA rules, so I guess the race organiser would like you to follow them.  To be fair, you probably won't need map etc (as the route is pretty well marked and there are lots of runners in the half), but if it came down foggy/very rainy then there are sections of the course where you are on open moor and could be quite vulnerable.  Having said that, no-one has ever checked kit when I've run this race .... but that could because I've only ever done it in reasonable weather image.

  • Still dreaming - I have Nike Triax shoes which are claimed to be a road / off-road hybrid, but are not pure trail shoes. Do you think these will do the trick, or will I need specific trail shoes such as Salomon or Inov8?
  • Off for a recce of the first half of the marathon tomorrow - using last year's instructions. I'll let you know how easy it is to get lost!
  • poorly feet... do you live in the area? If so, when I'm next planning to see my in laws, can I drop you a message and see if you're free for a reccie?
  • Ian - I live over the border in Lancashire - it's my first visit this year! And we got lost today so I'm not the best person to guide - our 15 mile plan turned into an 18 mile 'variation' image. Pity you weren't around today - we could have shown you which paths NOT to take image

    However, K&C (the organising club) do a few recces beforehand which they put on the website. I'm going to keep an eye on that so when I know the dates, I'll post on here and you can see if you fancy coming along. I'm relatively happy with the directions up to the point where the half and full split so I'm keen to recce the second half of the full in particular.

    Yorkie website

  • WT - have you changed your name while I was writing that or am I losing the plot?

    I'm sure your name was Ian when I started typing image

  • yep, but seemed like the only person using their real name, rw advised me not to use real name on this forum, so for now I am wonkey toe

  • Fair enough...and I've edited my last post so that I don't spoil all your good work image
  • I'm considering running this (the half) this year but I haven't actually ran a half marathon yet. I have my first one in October but I love Howarth and got quite excited when I found this race!

    I know its going to be quite a tough race but would it be too much for me as a beginner? I can wait until next year if I need to but part of me just wants to run it because its Howarth.

  • Depends how you treat it. If you see it as a race, then wait till next year. If on the other hand, you treat it like I do - as a run/walk over the hills, with photo stops and refreshment breaks at the checkpoints, you'll have a great day. I did the full marathon last year with a longest training run of 15 miles and it was my first marathon so I qualified as a beginner too!  Allow yourself to walk the toughest parts, enjoy the biscuits that are on offer en-route, and you'll get round in one piece. Then you can think about running it "properly" next year image
  • Yeah I definitely wouldn't see it as a 'race'. With the one I have in October, I'm working on getting within the pace I'm running at right now but with this one it would definitely be just for the enjoyment of running through Howarth.

    Another question; it says that the race isn't fully marked out but is it still a pretty easy route to follow? 

  • The answer to that has got to be "no"! We went for a recce the other week and got lost! Got lost on the real thing too by missing a footpath. But I'm pretty rubbish at things like that so I'm sure you'll be OK.
  • what time you aiming for  for the full run poorly feet?
  • 5.5 hours. Took 6 last time, but won't need as many photos this time image
  • Hi to all,did the Wharfedale half,which I enjoyed(?) even though I towed a bit.So with Dublin mara in Oct,decided to use this as a run/walk trainer,with an emphasis on enjoying where I am.
  • Sounds like quite a few of us will be there for the "day out" rather than the "race" image
  • I wouldn`t like to say what time i`ll be doing it in,between 4`n`5 hrs,depends on weather.
  • if anyone's aimimng for the 5 hour iish time (I'm assuming that's my goal if my road marathon is 4 hours?), then I'd be glad of the company. Little bit apprehensive running this on my own, not worried about time, just want to say i ran/jogged around. Anyone up for it?
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