Knee niggles - any advice

Hi all!

So here is my niggle......i go running.....i can feel a dull ache in my right knee but nothing to stop me....i get home and everything is fine and i then go to bed......the knee pain (almost feels like my knee locks) can wake me up a few times in the night and it feels sore in the morning and then as soon as i walk on it for a while all is well.

What i have also noticed is that the cold weather can make my knee feel sore as well (this knee niggle has only been playing up for the past two months) for months before this nothing no pain at all.

Now its not stopping me from running but i what i don't want to do is make things worse!

Any advice? x


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Apart from the obvious of seeing a specialist Beanie, it's hard to give specific advice. Knees and hips are the obvious weak point for a runner, and those who've run for years (more than 20 in my case), you expect to  get regular trouble from your knees. I find cod liver oil is great for joints and have been taking it for 3 years. I buy a big bottle and drink it neat every few years. I'm not easily  won over by fads and miracle cures, but this won works a treat for me. If a bit of rest or gentle massage doesn't fix it, you'd best visit the doc.
  • Thanks olneyone.  I actually have orhtodics for a seperate (but you never know it maybe related) injury so i thought i would book myself in with the biomehcanics team for another checkup....hopefully they will be able to shed some light......its just annoying when you just want to run (but hey if it was easy we wouldn't do it i guess!)

    I just wondered if anyone else out there suffers from it as when i try to explain in it does sound very odd!

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