Plantar Fascitis

Hi everyone

I've got Plantar Fasciitis (Hope I', spelling it right!!)  - I did all the correct things, i.e. iced and rested etc and didn't run for six weeks.  I finally went to my G.P - he is a member of my running club - and I said I was really missing my running, he said "just put another pair of socks on and get some gel heel cushions and there is no reason why you should'nt keep running".  I was really thrilled at this but he also said PF could last up to 18 months.  Whilst I trust his advice, I am still a bit worried as when I have been on a run my feet are really sore, I am also three stones overweight (but dealing with that!!) and I cant help thinking am I doing any permanent damage to myself by still running.  Can anyone help - I've not a lot of cash spare for physio or podiatrists.  I do wear hard orthotics - these were prescribed seven years ago and I've run in them continuously without a problem until now - they are hurting because they are the rigid ones.  I am in a vicious circle - trying to loose weight with running and a good diet but stopped because of the PF.      


  • TBH, I'm a bit confused by your post.  Who diagnosed your pf?  If it was your GP and he's a runner, then he'll be aware of the problems caused by pf and I wouldn't imagine that he would recommend that you run while you were still suffering.  Also, the treatment that you've mentioned, was that on medical advice?

    If he's told you to get back to running after he's assessed you, then you are probably safe to try it out.  You could start by walking, then gradually building up to running. 

    There's a lot of information on this forum re pf - there's a link below to one thread I've been on.  Don't worry about reading it all, there's far too much, but if you join in around this summer's dates you'll see that there are a few "pf experts" on there.  We all found different remedies worked for us - for me it was stretching.  I still do stretches every day.  I wear orthotics (overpronation) and had to have them adjusted for the pf, so they now work for both.

    link to pf thread

    Check out the injury section too, but the only thing that I'd say is that you need to be patient and give it time.  If you run before it's healed, it will just make everything a lot, lot worse - I should know, I was out for 2 years with it.

    But I'm now back running and have just moved up to HM, so it is possible to recover.

    Even if you can't run at the moment, there are lots of other things that you could do by way of cross-training while you pf heals.  I've never done it, but pool/deepwater running is an option as it allows you to run while taking the weight off the pf.

    Hope this helps and hope you get it sorted out soon.

  • Thanks for your reply.  I went to a podiatrist in 2002 just before the FLM and he prescribed the rigid orthotics due to my severe overpronation problem.  The plantar thingy started last year and then went away when I rested and iced it etc.  In June this year I got a new job which involved a lot of walking - round the hospital I work in - and I wore, for comfort's sake, a pair of flat shoes which are pretty old. The PF came back in both feet this time, previously I had only got it in the left foot.  I went to my GP who, without examination, gave me the advice about the extra socks and gel heel insert.  The trouble is, I cant wear the rigid orthotic because it hurts so I left it out.  I cant run much as it is, I am about three stones overweight and am building up to running for an hour without walking.  I had a car accident in 2006 and didnt run for nearly  two years because of the injuries I've sustained and thats when I put the weight on...and on.... and on !!!

     I will read the thread you kindly sent me but I just wanted to tell you the history of how I got this horrible thing in the first place.  The first time I got it I just cross trained at the gym, I think I rowed the distance of all the oceans in the world, very boring.  I get very antsy when I cant run so I want to get rid of this thing.

     Thanks for replying, much appreciated


  • I had PF (I'm not brave enough to attempt a spelling) a couple of years ago, it was diagnosed by my doctor who advised several weeks rest then cortisol (or was that cortizone injection) injections if it was still hurting.  I asked my sister, a non athlete what she did for her pf.  She described the physiotherapy she had, The Graston Technique, and I went along to the same practitioner.  I had 10 x £40 sessions of massage and painful rubbing of the sore part of my foot with a metal implement and that dealt to it.  I simply said to my Dr. that I was having physiotherapy.

    It's an over use injury, not helped by cheap running shoes.  I thought spending money on expensive running shoes was a fashion statement.  If I'd spent £85 on a pair of running shoes I could have saved £315 on physiotherapy !  I might have learned the hard way, however I did learn.

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