• Vicki - it's called school. Ben will be starting school next year too image. Ok, that means I probably should be thinking about a job, but...well, we'll see image.

    Andy - yep, 3.45 is what I need. I really think I'd have gotten closer if it hadn't been for the heat this year in Edinburgh, so I'm hoping I can give it another shot. I managed 3.50.30odd this year, not bad for my first attempt. I should be racking up my 1500th mile in the next couple of weeks, would have made it ages ago if it hadn't been for the ITB problems, but never mind.


    5k - 21.25

    10k - 45.34

    Half - 1.43.15

    So, going by the predictors I should be faster for my longer races, but not sure how I can improve my endurance. My marathon plans have included Top 5 LSR's to total over 100 miles.  

    I'll work out later, based on plans I've followed previously, what I would intend to train like and maybe you could have a look and see if you have any suggestions/alternatives. 

    Mr K - you had pretty good odds there though of how many you didnt cut image.

  • Kelly - your pbs are very similar to mine:

    5k - 21:07
    10k - 43:50
    10 mile - 1:14:04
    half - 1:42:06

    from my 5, 10 and 10 mile pb's I should be a fair bit quicker over half marathon distance.

    I'm quite a bit down on last years mileage, but I can pin this down to my ankle injury in January & February, and Flu in August/September, and more recentl;y a chest infection.

    Hoping I can have an injury free 2010

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭


    Mine are;

    5 Km - 21.53
    (5 Mile - Rubbish)
    10 Km - 45.14
    10 Mile - 1.13.56
    Half - 1.42.56
    20 Mile - 3.10.35

    Averaging out at 115 miles per month. Normally I run 4 times a week.

    kaysdee - In my defence on my ramp I wasn`t the one called `Razors`.

  • This is a birrova sub thread from GNR innit?image

    My PBs are rubbisher than all yours so I'm not telling....image

  • Pops in.  Obviously a speedy peeps thread so pops back out again
  • mine we're much worse to be fair, just taken a lot of hard work to get quicker

    Rio - isn't a speedy peeps thread, just happens to be a couple in here, and Andy is mega fast image

  • Rio - I'm not speedy at all.

    Not much in the way of PB's but here goes;

    10K 51.53
    HM 2.18.47
  • Oh go on then.....

    5k      25.09
    10K   57.06
    HM    2.06.00
    Mara 4.55.06

    Time to get to bargain booze because it's shutting??  0.4 secs! image

  • Liverbird, my PB's are only a little better than yours...

    5k - 24:14
    10k - 52:18
    10 miles - 01:28:46
    Half - 1:59:04
    Mara - 4:47:27

     I've improved them all this year. Fingers crossed we all manage to improve our PB's in the coming months

  • When is Andy going to list his PBs? (So we can all keel over in awe!)

    Mine are:
    5k - 20.13
    10k - 42.15
    HM - 1.33.05
    Mara - 3.28.38

  • Very impressive CC2, but like you say, wait till Andy adds his! image
  • Way Too Slow wrote (see)

    Liverbird, my PB's are only a little better than yours...

    I'm on your tail WTS! I want that sub 2 for the half now so bad it hurts......

    Hang on - that's the stress fracture that hurts! image

  • CC2 - you are SOOOOOO close to a sub 20 for 5K I can almost taste it!

    Get some parkruns in! image

  • and just to prove this isn't a thread solely for speedies, I'll chuck my PBs in the hat:

    5k - 27:31
    10k - 56:18
    10m - 1:37:04
    HM - 2:06:07
    20m - 3:26:27
    Mara - 5:06:24

    All were this year except the 10 mile (Oct 08)

    Desperately want sub-2 Half and sub-5 mara in 2010.

  • LB - race you to the offie!!! image

  • 5 km  BUPA Great Manchester Run 5k split   00:17:27  May 2009

    5 miles  Notts AAA Summer League Holme Pierrepont(race 2)  00:28:48  May 2009

    10 km  Lincoln 10K  00:35:45  Mar 2009

    10 miles  Notts 10  00:59:27  Jun 2009

    13.1 miles  Great North Run  01:18:25   Sep 2009

    26.2 miles  Paris Marathon  02:48:06    Apr 2009

  • I have never raced a 5km so used the split, and I'm pretty sure I beat both my 5 mile and 10 mile times during this years GNR.
  • Tonights club run was just an ordinary run with there only being 3 turn up. I did just over 6 with them then turned for home near the end of the run to finish on 7.8 miles at around 8:10 average. Since then just a cheeky couple of Becks to wash my tea down, not pie but chicken enchillados..nice.

  • Part of the reason I mentioned Becky's improvement is that I thought she was around the same time zone as a few of you guys. Vicki and Kelly are very similar, CC2 is a bit quicker and holds the form better over the longer distances. Easy response to Vicki & Kelly is to do more longer runs, and gradually build up speed over those runs, though there may be other reasons behind your drop off from 10km/10 mile to the HM.
  • I only want to attack my HM time and I've no idea where to start really.

    Other than run faster......image

  • Liverbird the thing that struck about your pb's is the drop from your 5km to your 10km time, that sort of suggests to me that you are maybe doing mostly short runs?

    WTS you seem to be fairly solid from 5km to 10 mile then yours fall away a little too. Possibly another candidate for more longer runs.

    Yeti, needing 6 mins off your HM and mara will happen, and if you get one I'm sure the other will follow. Try some HM pace runs, maybe start with  3 or 4 mile efforts and slowly build to your doing 7 or 8 at that pace.

    CC2, you have improved dramatically and you have good people round you at Redhill, the only negative I see on yours is your marathon compared to your half, but was a good first effort and you will learn from the experience, maybe 3:20 is in range or even 3:15.

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I only want to attack my HM time and I've no idea where to start really.

    Other than run faster......image

    I think you should start by getting stuck into your 10km time, get that down to 52-53, and you'll be looking at least 1:55 for the half.
  • I was doing short runs Andy, but recently I've been concentrating on LSRs. I'm rubbish at pacing - hence the slow marathon time. The splits are ridiculous. Last marathon was 2.16 half and 4.59 finish but I had major problems in the second half which forced me to slow and I was lucky to get round.

    When this bloody SF heals I shall put some more disciplined long runs in!

  • I shall focus on the 10K then Andy - cheers!

    Fancy a bimble through the Mersey tunnel then? It's a nice run! image

  • Andy, 3.15 is my plan for 2011/2012. I'll chip away at it till I get there! I think I'm probably naturally better at shorter distance, 5 mile is my highest WAVA score, but there's more to come from the marathon.
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I shall focus on the 10K then Andy - cheers!

    Fancy a bimble through the Mersey tunnel then? It's a nice run! image

    When ?

    Can't see Garmin working too well on that one!

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I shall focus on the 10K then Andy - cheers!

    Fancy a bimble through the Mersey tunnel then? It's a nice run! image

    When are you next likely to race either a 10km or half. Pick one of each preferably a 10km first then work towards them.

    Basic 3 staples of your and to my mind everyones weekly training should be a longer run of slower than race pace, a less than race distance run of around or slightly slower than race pace, and some speedwork.

    Example for a 56 min ( roughly 9min/mile)10km runner.

    Long run:   8 miles at 9:30 pace.
    Race Pace: 5 miles at 9:00-9:10 pace.
    Speedwork: Interval session - 5 min warm up, 6 sets of 3 mins at 9:45, 2 mins at 8:30 then 5 min warm down. Gradually build the intervals until doing 10 sets.

  • I love it, you rebel Andy ! 

    <<ring, ring>>  "RW here, we've been trying to get hold of you all day Mr Sly.  You have been selected to join our Virgin Super Socks team so we must ask for your total discretion in not posting anything til we say so - specially details of your legendary 'Night before a Marathon meal'.  In exchange we will send you a year's supply of free running socks which we will expect you to wear at every event and training session from now until race day.  We apologise for the design on the socks -  We would like to emphasise that this was not our error - we asked the suppliers to provide 'snowy white' socks and as you will see, they sent 'Snow White' socks. We hope this will not affect your running adversely.  Please post a photo of yourself wearing the socks by way of confirmation that you accept this offer of a place on our very special team. Thank you."

  • RLTW ...*giggles*  The thought had crossed my mind too

    Andy - can see where you're coming from for the less than race distance @ race pace runs.

    My week looks something like this:

    Monday: Rest

    Tuesday: Club road session, Hillwork, Time Trial, Intervals - all pretty much flat out (I work really hard here)

    Wednesday: Shorter 6 mile easy run

    Thursday: Clubtrack session, anything from 300s to 1 mile reps or pyramids. same as Tuesday pretty much flat out

    Friday: rest

    Saturday: 5k park run (race pace), or 2 to 3 miles with the dog.

    Sunday: Long run (16 to 20 miles at the mo, but usually around 10 for half training)

    I'm thinking that my club sessions and Saturdays are spot on.  I could prolly work on my mid week run to go a fair bit quicker, and probably longer on my Sunday run at a slower pace.

  • Vicki - can I ask which park run you do?  I think you're in/near Newcastle and I didn't think there was one there.  Of course, I could have totally made up both the fact that you're from Newcastle-ish area image.  People have been on at me to do park run but until now I've been able to get away with claiming there isn't one near me.....

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