I need help!!



  • Thanks for that, I have finally changed my name. Quite easy when you know how.

    Thanks to everyone for the support. First run tomorrow so fingers crossed.

    Take care everyone, Cat.

    P.S. I'm gonna stop chatting on this thread as I don't have the time to do two but I am keeping people posted on my thread called Am I mad?? So please feel free to come and chat to me there. Its just I didn't know how to set up my own before.
    So thanks again to everyone who has sent me messages it is much appreciated and hope to chat again soon.
  • HI, im just about  2months from my first 1/2 marathon in about 16 years(newark). ive returned to running as i have also entered the robin hood full marathon in sept. im 41, 14ish stone and 5'10" ive got to get some more trainers and was looking at the comments regarding mizuno wave, would these be suitable for the type of distance im doing, im up to 9 miles and average 30-40 miles per week. im a plodder and intend to remain so..thanks-sl
  • well i have started

                                     i am 43 overweight and i have gone out today and did my first walk run bit. I cant believe how out of shape i am? This is from a person who did a last half marathon about 22 years ago. So if i can start to get back on the road i am sure you can as well, i used to love running in the light rain and the early morning runs and the longish runs on sunday morning, but with a job family i did i admit let it slid by?  So any trainging tips help please send me a email or thread, i am now looking at getting a new pair of trainers i dont think there is much life in the old swaety smelly set looking at them lol.

    cheers dave  

  • Hi everyone,what a great forum!

    I have just purchased a new treadmill and had my first session on it.I am 36 and over weight by about 21 pounds! I used to be very fit and into middle distance running but now find myself struggling! Great tips on here and i ran/walked for 30mins today and oh did i feel it afterwards! Funny in my head i still feel i can run like i used to but i realise that it takes alot of time to build things along slowly so i can reach my goals i the correct manor.Just one question,when i run is it best to have a slight incline on the treadmill to compensate the movement of the belt?

    Thanks Ro

  • Hi I am new to running I am 48 years old and have had both knees replaced i am now upto about 3k when running any tips would be a great help as I dont want to do ant damage to my knees 
  • Wow, amazing, Roger; I can't help you, but I think that's brilliant!

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