Trionium Midsummer Munro Half-Marathon

..if you think that you're hard enough!


  • I'll be signing up after xmas, was hoping to do the picnic, am i correct in thinking it's not happening in 2010?

  • Yeah, come on folks, don't listen to Dr Robert's hype, this one's flat and fast, definite pb course image
  • he he he Muttley, you are a norty dog!

  • Next Picnic in 2011 (but if it's a tough marathon you are after, try the Greensand Marathon, 17 October 2010).
  • Yep, I've registered.  Missed out over the last 2 years for different reasons but looking forward to the madness in 2010 !!!   image
  • The Greensand is a doddle compared to The Picnic.
  • Oh no! Not this again already!!

     Got to do it again as I want to do it in less than 3 hours! (3:04 last time!)

  • Just signed up to the Greensand Marathon 2010! Read the reviews, sounds like a great event with good atmosphere and support. Got hooked on trail running since trying out cross country this season and have been looking at some trail events. Signing up to the Return of the Black Death Run too (10miles trail event in May in Somerset).
  • I might just have to do this one as well. The goal - to shave 5 mins or so off this year's time to go sub 2hrs 30. My typical time in an "ordinary" half marathon is about 1hr 50 at present.
  • Wow, this one must be really tough! I'm about your pace in a road half, Muttley - is atmosphere good at this race? I go to runs on my own, no company so comradeship is an important consideration for motivation.
  • The atmosphere is fantastic! Everyone is realy friendly and supportive - I went on my own but met up with loads of people!

    Not sure if it'll be a little bit different without all the Picnicer's on the course though.

    Definately a race worth doing! But really tough! (HM PB 2.05, Munro PB 3.04!!!!)

  • Thanks, Liliaicha. I'm up for a challenge. Since my first ever XC race with my club this season (we're in the Surrey League), I'm enjoying trail & hills greatly. I'm not concern with PB, my aim in any run is always to get pass the finish line well within the time limit and in a reasonably upright positionimage 
  • imageJust entered! No going back now.
  • What Lilliaicha said ... this event is a challenge rather than a race. Having fun (?) and supporting each other is the order of the day. Start training now - if you have a 50-storey skyscraper nearby, I suggest running up and down the stairs half a dozen times to simulate the Eiger steps image
  • Hehe..I might do just that, am going to Singapore in a couple of weeks and staying with a relative whose flat is on the 16th floor!

  • Damn, I'm tempted by this now having just completed my first Knacker Cracker.  I'll have to have a think.

     Definitely never doing the Picnic though - can't be bothered doing normal marathons any more so I'm certainly not going to consider one with a stupid amount of hills in it image

  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    Yep, me too - the kc was hard but really satisfying - helped by a good downhill finish after 'those' steps image

    I'm not remotely interested in doing a full marathon, and cerainly not the picnic -  what I think should have been called the 'box-hill ball-breaker' image

    I feel obliged to have a go at a half around box hill though, as I had so much in reserve yesterday I sprinted all the way downhill to the finish ! (Or was that just not enough energy to resist gravity ?)

  • ok i'm entered as well now.

    will be my 4th attempt. must be something good about it to keeping coming back for more despite the pain. this year i plan to do just a bit of training on the downhills beforehand to avoid my legs falling off during the race.

  • Hi Doctor Robert,

     I entered a few races last week and I can't remember if one of them was this race. I'm only 53 but my brain is already suffering. Could you please check the entry list as I would love to do this race this year.

    Last year I ran the Box Hill Fell race, Meon Valley plod, Milland Trail half and a very wet misty Beachy Head so it will be interesting to compare the MM with them.

     Thanks and apologies

  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    So ... where do you go on training runs then Strag ?

    And what was your time for Milland ? I really enjoyed that, but only managed 2:00:34 image

    (I'm 54 btw)

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    3,000ft ascent over a half marathon?!  So is that basically like running the Beachy Head marathon with the flat bits taken out?  Is there any danger of getting lost if my brain's not working properly?

    (Yes, I'm interested!)

  • To Phil H:

    I'm not much quicker than you,. I ran Milland last year in 1:54.40. And I'm now 53.

    Living in Kingston upon Thames I'm lucky to be near 3 parks, Wimbledon Common and the Thames.

    If you live nearby, check-out our club website and come along on a club night.


  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    Interesting Strag - you live in the flatlands and like the hills that hurt image

    I live at the foot of the south downs near arundel/chichester and just started running races last year cos I didnt realise people competed on the terrain I loved going out on for fun image

    Its a bit addictive though, and I dont get time for gawping at the scenery now being as I am always trying to do my best !

  • I do like hills because I treat them with respect and seem to fare on them better than some other runners.Perhaps it's because I'm from North Wales.

    Surprisingly more hilly than you would imagine. The Thames towpath is obviously flat, except the bridges, but there are some reasonable hills in Richmond Park and up to Wimbledon Common.

     The weather made Beachy Head marathon brutal last year.

  • Hmmm... can't find anyone on the list called 'Strag RouteMaster' unless that is some kind of 'secret name.'
  • My real name would help to identify me!

    It's Phil Davies of Kingston

  • Oh dear, I weakened last night and entered.  I'd better start running up and down lots of hills again image
  • Dr Rob, when is this likely to fill up...?
  • I'm not hard enough, but I am becoming addicted to off-road running around the Surrey Downs, so have foolishly entered this!.........

    Judging by Muttley's comments that this takes him 50% as long as a normal half, I'm expecting to be one of the backmarkers, but should be a good motivator to keep me going over the next few months.........


  • Strag - yes, you are in!

    David - probably by early to mid-May.
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