Trionium Midsummer Munro Half-Marathon



  • Thanks Dr Rob - every second counts!!!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Am I alone in still being scared of the stairs?
  • Funny that. The first time I did it I dreaded stairs for many months afterwards. This time is the opposite - I already want to face them again.
  • This was my first Midsummer Munro and also my first hill race (if you don't count the Hastings Half!) Many thanks to all the organisers, the wonderful marshalls with your smiles, drinks and jaffa cakes and the inspirational piper. I couldn't believe it when those 276 steps came up again right at the end! The mad downhill sprint at the end with the other runner was a blast! Final thanks to Phil whose late dropout due to injury enabled me to take part. Phil I hope you're recovering well. I wore your name so everyone thought you were there ! My name was on the back of the commemorative t-shirt at the end though, which was nice image

  • And I (Phil) ran as my mate Stuart when he pulled out late and I decided you only get one chance a year to do the Munro so what the heck. I walked up most of the hills and paced the downhills so that I could recover for the next up. Finished uninjured and happy - well worth the effort.

    No more hills for a while - oops just entered Surrey Slog mid July. Will I ever learn? I hope not!

  • 2 weeks later and back out on the course again - now I can't walk again and my fear of stairs has returned. Why?!?!?!
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