Garmin 405 vs 305

I have a dilemma and despite reading numerous reviews cannot decide on the way forward. I have a Garmin 305 that I use all the time. Should I get the Garmin 405 for Xmas or stick withmy 305?

 Advice welcome from anyoine who has upgraded from 305 to 405 - which is the best?


  • Hi CC, there are quite a few recent threads on this. If you search for Garmin 405 and the look at most recent you should find them here is

    one of the recent threads

  • Thanks for the link ... that could be Christmas sorted then! Quite fancy the 305 since it's probably easier to see on a run ... hope my loved ones are reading this!
  • BB there was this recent thread about a discount code for Halfords - not sure if still available, but a good price if it is...
  • Interesting reading, thanks B.
  • Yeah, the whole 305 v 405 thing has been done to death, and then some!!!
  • New to me though - and thanks for the tip B re Halfords.
  • 310 XT if you can afford it if not 305. Gave my 405 away as I  couldn't get on with it. The watch on the 405 is always on and therefore drains battery. Lasts about 2 weeks if sat in your kit bag and supposedly 8 hours in use. Mine never seemed to last that long. Also 405 no better than 305 at aquiring satelites it can take forever sometimes even though my 705 edge never has problems

  • My 405 aquires satelites in about 5-10 seconds usually. Battery still has 75% ish left on it after a 2 hour club session with the backlight locked on continuously... great running aid.
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