How do you know when you are OK?



  • tis a fine line m.ark, glad you are on right side now.

    I am better now i think .So may try little plod tomorrow.

  • got some ecki wotsits today for moon systemimage
  • PloddingOn wrote (see)

    Not smoking also lowers your immune system

    Not sure how long it takes, but you will get swine flu like symptoms after the jab.  That could be why you feel rubbish

    Eh.....So you saying not to stop smoking!!!

    We had the worst month of the year, each member of the family one after the other, have been ill with the virus every week.   It was said not to be the swine flu due to the temperature being 37.5.....

    However the youngest recovering now......

    I started off with cross training indoors, before I felt ok with running in the lovely cooling wet weather which I love - it makes me run faster for a reason  image

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