Driving to Brighton

I need a bit of advice from fellow forumites who have experience of these roads:  Which is the better route to take to Brighton from Oxford on a Friday evening - A34, M3, M27, A27.  Or - M40, M25, M23?

I haven't travelled either route in a few years so don't know which is likely to have the most evil traffic.  I do recognise that in part it will depend on the day and will check the traffic reports before I set off - and of course the traffic gods will be evil and put an accident etc in the way once I've left home!! 


  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭
    Can't say about any of the other roads, but the A34 is a pretty smooth run on a Friday evening, at least ,it was the last time I was on it in the summer.
  • BB ✭✭✭
    Don't know about the other end, but we always use M25 M23 this end
  • The first one, but it will be really bad whatever.

    If I was still on the road I would go A34 to Newbury, south east to Basingstoke, then Alton and the A272 east to pick up the A23 Haywards Heath way, all good roads, don't be afraid to go off the motorways.

  • There is no good way on a Friday., but I'd suggest A34 all the way to Winchester, then A272 to the A23 (I used to work in Oxford, and live just off the A272 - that's the best way by far).

    Avoid the M27 and A27 via Chichester and Worthing.
  • didn't some bloke write a book about the 272?  An Ode to a Road?
  • Thanks for the advice - Mr P and SazzaG are the A272 and A23 dual?  Don't know if I can take too many miles sat behind people lines of traffic!!
  • Mr P - yes, but I can't say I've read it!

    Puffin1 - A23 is dual (and you're pretty much at Brighton by the time you hit that). A272 is single, but to be honest the alternatives aren't much better!
  • Hmm, I travel the A34, M27, A27 route regularly but I'd normally be travelling down in the morning and back up in the evening (and rarely a Friday evening, come to that). The Chichester strech won't be fun on a Friday evening, in either direction.

    As it happens, I'm travelling down there next Thursday eveing.... not much looking forward to it. image

  • Reading this with interest.  I've got to drive from Coventry down to Hove tomorrow teatime.  Yikes!
  • Medals - I'll be the one in the rental van swearing at the other traffic and regretting agreeing to go to Brighton on a Friday after work!!image
  • The best way to drive to Brighton?


    let me see........

    I would say that the best way to drive there is in a vehicle, because you may have difficulty driving there without one.image

  • normally the M40/M25/M23/A23 would be quickest
    but the A34/M27/A27 is a good alternative if the M25 is snarled
    but if you have the time and the weather's nice the A272 XC route is far nicer - if longer

    I usually check the traffic reports and decide according to that
  • Puffin1 wrote (see)
    Medals - I'll be the one in the rental van swearing at the other traffic and regretting agreeing to go to Brighton on a Friday after work!!image

    LOL!  Don't swear at the Sandy Picasso.  That'll be me!

    Of course, once we get to Brighton/Hove then we'll have to find a parking space!

  • This is my favourite thread ever.
  • anyone give me a lift to Silverstone??
  • Don Minquez wrote (see)
    This is my favourite thread ever.
    Great innit!
    fat buddha wrote (see)
    anyone give me a lift to Silverstone??
    Sorry bud, I've got a car full. image
  • Fly to Shoreham by Sea, then take a taxi. All road to Brighton are usually a nightmare on a Friday night. Even worse if it's raining!
  • Milou - lovely thought but I'm taking a sofa and a fridge - might be difficult on a plane!!

    FB - no, can't give a life to Silverstone, as I'm patently going to Brighton!! image

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