Full Monty 'Cute' 10

The course is getting muddier and muddier and the climbs are getting harder and harder - everything appears to be developing nicely. image


  • Anyone got a spare place for this one? My mother lives near here so I planned to drive down for the weekend from London but didn't enter early enough. Not that running is my priority of course...thanks.


  • I know of some spaces going if you are still interested....
  • many thanks but i've been offered a place. looking forward to it....
  • Yep - that was me who offered you the place.  Well done on getting round - sorry I didn't see you at the start.
  • ah, that explains everything. I really enjoyed the run though got a little tired of having no grip. and was constantly worried about my ankles. However easily one of my favourite runs, worth driving 160 miles for. Can you email me Barrys address so I can send him the race fee or I can make a charity donation.

    Cheers, Rupert. 

  • Phew, I think my legs have finally recovered!!  image
  • DB9

    What I suppose I really meant to say was:  is anyone having a drink afterwards. It's bank holiday. No work the following day. Mr SlowJacks (apparently) will have lost a stone, will achieve a good for age time and his motiviation for this effort is a good night on the tiles after the mara. Where's the best place for drinkies after? He thought your offer of a blow up bed was fab especially if the pub is jut down the road. Kids - whgo needs them! Pls advise!!



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