Irish asking for a replay

Well its all over the news today, the FAI are appealing to FIFA for a replay of last nights match which saw the French qualify for the world cup after they scored the winner in extra time.

Theirry Henry has admitted his 'hand of Gaul' and the 4th official on the touchline also confirmed the handball that took place.

I cant see them getting a replay, because its just going to open a can of worms for future matches.

I think what it does highlight though is the definate need for more officials on the goal lines (which is being trialed in the Europa League currently) 


  • no

    results a result if it was reversed and Irish had done the same they wouldnt give it up neither will the French

    choker though it is

  • Biggest disappointment for me was that it was Theirry Henry who did it.  I used to think he was a fabulous player.  Probably still is, but a bit tainted now in my eyes.

    No possibility of a replay.  Officials make mistakes on a regular basis (usually less often than the players) and you cannot possibly replay a match, however important, just because one particular howler is spotted.  That said, I wonder what would have happened if France had gone out as the result of such a decision.  FIFA always wanted France to qualify, hence the dodgy seedings.

  • Not a chance. Every week plenty of matches are decided by cheating and/or refereeing errors... if this one gets replayed, they'll all have to be, and that's never going to happen.

    It happens... if they use more officials, video evidence etc. at the matches then the incidence of mistakes and successful cheating will go down (though not disappear altogether), but as things are now, these incidents will always happen.

    Having said that, the decision to add seedings during the competition (i.e. as soon as they noticed France and Portugal in need of some assistance) stinks. If the rule was there at the start, then fair enough, but to invent bias because the organisers see a chance that their favourites might miss out is abhorrent.
  • They won't get one but deserve one After all its was the bloody FRENCH who cheated

     Brick up the Chunnel!!!!!!

  • I'm in Ireland and some of the crap that's been on the news today is embarrassing.  The Justice Minister has demanded a replay, the Irish Prime Minister wants a replay and the FAI wants a replay. 

    It ain't gonna happen - FIFA will not entertain a replay, not a hope!  This is one of the things I love about football, the instant decisions that are sometimes wrong can be discussed for days/months and sometimes years - it's great! 

    The Irish have to understand that it's football, it's happened, nothing is going to change - move on!

  • I can't see them getting a replay - unless France agreed to it, in similar circumstances as to when Arsenal won that FA Cup game. 

    However, is there not a case for Thierry Henry being sanctioned for bringing the game into disrepute?

  • I think Henry would be bloody brilliant on Miss LB's netball team! image

    Seriously, I felt GUTTED for the Irish last night. We've been there, done that and know what it feels like. It still stings after 23 years.

  • there is some precendent for this - apparantley a game between bahrain and someother team had a blatant refeering error, and the game was replayed on fifa rules.

    of course, half of fifa are french!

  • Its the FRENCH

    Ban them for life. Infact if there isn't a replay I think we should support the Irish in a full scale invasion and only accept their surrender when the imitation Blackpool Tower comes tumbling down.

    Viva la IRISH!!!  


  • Vive l'Irelande!

    la mort aux francais!

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  • At least she is FRENCH

    Viva la IRELAND !!!

  • You clearly haven't listened to a word I've said for the last two years.

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  • So its fine to cheat in football, but take a shedload of steroids and they kick you out of the tour de france ? Double standards. Why do FIFA go on about the fairplay stuff and then let blatant miscarriages of justice like this happen ? Its not the 1920s now - we can see what happened...
  • That'd be good for a man with two knobs wanting a tit wank, I guess.
    Ireland are only gonna be group stage failures. What's the point of a rematch?
  • HENRY should be subject of a public flogging.

    In fact the whole French nation should be flogged for him cheating


  • Don Minquez wrote (see)
    That'd be good for a man with two knobs wanting a tit wank, I guess.

    That would make an excellent TOTP!

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  • No it shouldn't be replayed...............but at least it wasn't as bad as Joe Jordan's handball..that was a travestyimageimageimageimageimage
  • Dara O'Braian's interview.. worth a look for two reasons..

    1. Ironic hunour

    2. An Oirishman admitting that Maradonna cheated the English all those years ago

    I don;t remember a clamour from our Gaelic cousins back then....... strange that.

    No it woon;t be replaced but the Honour of the French nation is tarnished. They should all go and join the foreign legion and wander around in deserts looking for dodgy people to shoot.

  • It's only a game!!!

    VA VA VOOM image

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