Parkrun Midlands

Does anyone know if there any parkrun type events in the midlands?  Sutton Park / Lichfield / Walsall way?



  • I don't think there are any in the West Mids, not when I last checked anyway. The parkrun website will tell you where they all are (think it's but a google search'll bring it right up). It's worth checking regularly as new ones are springing up quite often.
  • hope for one soon

  • The only Midlands one at the moment is Coventry.  But I think there is talk of a Sutton Park one.

    The Coventry one is great if you don't mind travelling !! 

  • Also saw in the newsletter there is a Solihull one starting soon.
  • Sutton park would be good, nice place.
  • sutton park is in the pipeline
    i assume all those of us registered will be informed when it happens
    i am hoping centurian club will take it on
  • Have you been in there Lurker?
    Frosty sunny mornings in Sutton park are the biz.
  • I think its cannon hill park been lined up for birmingham not sutton which is a shame as sutton park would be agood venue
  • Cannon Hill Park would be flatter than Sutton Park, but can't be as nice as Sutton is this time of year, or when it's freezing cold with the hoar on the trees in Winter
  • Cannon Hill Parkrun due to start late Aug/early Sep... also Brueton Parkrun in Solihull v.soon.
  • Brueton park started last saturday, a good flat course,but be aware of the route,the signs around the course are so small you can easily go off course like i did!!
  • Hi Andy,

    I was the marshal near the main entrance to Malvern Park.

    I saw one guy miss the left turn by the statue - I had to yell "LEFT!... LEFT!... LEFT!!" to get him back on track, but I think he lost a place - that wouldn't have been you, by any chance? He was a Centurion, if I remember correctly.

    I heard later that one or two tried to turn right before the trees at the end, too.

    Hopefully they'll get more volunteers in future. I won't be able to do it very often, as I'll be busy with Cannon Hill. I would like to run it occasionally though. I'm also hoping to do the Coventry one sometime soon. Just seeing how others do it before we get ours started, really!

    I take your point about the signs. I collected some up on my way back afterwards, and someone had to point out the one just a few yards from where I'd been standing, and which I hadn't noticed!

    Hope you enjoyed the run, despite your little detour!

  • lol.  yes that was me, i lost 3rd position, my fault i should have concentrated on where i was going! Coventry is a fairly tough course,but it does attract alot of runners,normally over a 100 runners every complaint many runners had at the solihull park run is that there are no toilets open before the 9am race start,is it possible to have them opened at 8.30 like they do at the Coventry park run?

    Yes i enjoyed the run,its a great little course which i think will grow in popularity with time,well done to you and all the race Marshall's who gave up their Saturday morning just so mad buggers like me can run!   Andy Money..

  • GraemeK wrote (see)
    Cannon Hill Park would be flatter than Sutton Park, but can't be as nice as Sutton is this time of year, or when it's freezing cold with the hoar on the trees in Winter

    yeah but cannon hill park is a mile from my front door

    win win


  • lol.  Epic win Lurker! image
  • just stalked you andy

    blimey you are fast!!!

  • lol.  i was mate,but not these days, today i ran a 5k in 18.19. not bad for a 44 year old,but way down on my PB set around 20 years ago!!
  • not bad for an old bloke


  • Watched Mo Farah and the others yesterday - makes me wish I'd kept up running after leaving school instead of taking it up again as an old bloke. Not that I'd have been in Mr Farah's league, or even Mr Money's!

    I'm joggong round a 10k in York this morning. Not going for a time, I'll just enjoy the scenery.

    I've raced in War Memorial Park a few times and didn't think it too tough, though I suppose it's hillier than Brueton or Cannon Hill. Sutton would be hillier, I would think, depending on the route.

    At least there are toilets close to the start at Cannon Hill, and they do open before 9am! Hopefully the guys at Brueton Park will sort something out with the Parkridge Centre - after all they'll probably get a good bit of business from the runners post race.

  • mate,i so dissapointed!!  2nd Park run at Solihull and they got it all wrong yet again!  the results are up. yesterday i finished in 4th place in a new v40 pb and course record....18.18.  yet the results say i was 10th   in a time of 20.15!  the lads who finished in 2nd and 3rd were behind me in the results!  its becoming abit of a joke now,  i dont think i will be returning to solihull, coventry here i come!!!
  • Andy I remember 20 years ago I use to beat you In races now i glad to finish 3 minutes behind you In a 5km. See you at Conductive education 10km?
  • lol  hi Fozzy yes i remember you beating me when i first started in the sport, you can still do it mate come over and train with me!  image
  • Just taken a look at the results and yes, there's definitely something wrong there!

    That won't happen at Cannon Hill, of course... (I hope).

    Did the Jane Tomlinson 10k in York this morning - it was really nice jogging around not worrying about my time (my stopwatch battery was flat anyway!)

  • When Is Cannon hill park starting?
  • i think its the last saturday in august? image
  • 28th fozzy
  • i think they are hoping it will be quiet for the first one
  • That's news to me! I didn't think a specific date had been finalised yet. As far as I know it's still just  'late August'. The 28th is the bank holiday weekend, which I won't be able to make. Which reminds me, I wonder if there's a ParkRun on the Isle of Wight...?
  • I recommend Brighton Park run. just down coast from Isle of wight or you could do eastleigh If you like multi terrain.
  • you will now have an email RK

    i only knew because i mailed her in the week because they had left me off the list

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