Garmin thick question

OK I know I'm not the brightest but having had the Garmin 205 for about 6 months I thought I'd have a go at uploading / downloading. I installed the disk/ program no probs, but then it said to attach the 'device'. OK - no obvious place on the watch so I thought perhaps use the charging cradle (which fits) but NO. It is still telling me to attach the device & the watch says it's charging.......


Many thanks form a complete thicko x


  • Have you got the USB lead plugged directly into the PC, or is connected to an external USB hub (i.e. a USB extension lead)?

     I had some problems a while back recognising my 305 when connected via a hub (well, 2 in a row actually!) but it worked with a direct connection. Once that worked, I tried it on the hub again, and it worked there too.

  • I've put the usb cable into the charging cradle & the other end into the front of the pc tower.... still saying to attach the device.

    Watch is charging so must be 'speaking' to each other & have turned the watch on but still nothing! 

  • The garmin support site might be the place to try then... search for the error "attach the device" (there are a few answers - the one I checked suggested downloading the latest software....

  • Thanks Guys- followed the link & downloaded the latest software & bob's your uncle.

    Rather pleased that since I bought the garmin in March (ish) I've clocked a whopping 655 km in 72 hours !! image 

  • It only works if you have your Garmin switched on before you plug into your computer.
  • Ah I didn't know that! I did switch it on but then I fretted because it was searching for satelites all the time.
  • I don't switch mine on... works just fine.
  • Yeah, you don't have to switch the garmin on.

    PC on, garmin in cradle, plug in cradle to USB slot, job done.

    It probably didn't work before because Windows didn't have the right drivers, now you've installed the Garmin software you'll be fine.

  • Mine doesn't work unless the garmin is switched on. A message comes up on the screen prompting it to be switched on if I have forgotten. If I plug it in switched off, the garmin records "charging battery."
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