Oprah Winfrey .....

You would have thought that the end of the world has been announced!  Descriptions like "she will leave behind a network vacuum" are the headlines in the US news reports!

God have I missed sensible news reporting.


  • Did she say why she's jacking it in?  I never saw the attraction, to be honest.
  • yeah - 2011 FFS!!!!!!!!!!!  And then went on to announce that she will spin it out to the last moment!  I thought daytime TV was bad already - it just got worse! image
  • mind you, she seems to have done alright on it!  Apparently she is worth $2.5B
  • Ah, but daytime telly will be great in 2011! 

    How's Arizona, hot?  You tempted to do the IM lol?!

  • image not too hot - 26 degrees, blue skies, light winds, and 30% humidity.  It's lovely.  So, yes, I am veyr tempted - and the start is 6 miles up the road from my hotel!
  • *waves to PSC*

    But....... if she doesn't do the show - how will she afford to live on €2.5BN? image Chicago's quite expensive you know. You can't get a kilo of pretzels for less than a buck these days.

  • She'll more than likely enter into politics to be honest.

    She's been doing the show for 25 years.

  • God forbid if Jeremy Kyle last for 25 years.
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