winter bugs

Been under the weather with some stomach bug for over 2 weeks and its been grim this last week, eventually went to the docs on monday and waiting for test results but just cant seem to shake this, must be bad havent felt well enough to train for 2 weeksimage so much for stacks of trail running and MTBingimage anybody else struggling at the moment or any tips? done the usual fasting, gallons of orange juice etc really peed off got nice new forks on me MTB and havent used it once!


  • Got the lurgy and a pulled hamstring image at least the weather is shite ...
  • Sorry you're feeling grim!

    If its stomach bug make sure you're replacing electrolytes that you're losing.

    Dose up with vitamin c and the best things to 'steady' your stomach as mint tea, ginger and some herbs- coriander and parsley I think are good. Just stay off foods that might make situation worse.

    Keep flooding with water, maybe hot lemon tea? Cleansing.

    Good luck!

  • Felt great over the weekend, but the missus was lethargic, head-achy etc........
    Sore throat yesterday eveing during yoga
    Woke up today with bug eyes, sore throat, sneezy cold, a new lower pitched voice, head ache etc etc.  

    Obviously just man flu but I'm not gonna do my long run tomorrow

  • I have Ulcerative colitis and this bug seems to have set this off on topimage waiting for some tests back from the doc although I feel like I am getting it back under control still cant move to far from a loo thoimage getting stacks of water down me and steering well clear of dairy stuff, need to get back to work daytime TV is not good!
  • woke up feling under the weather ysterday.......feeling totally crap this morning..only a cold but I just want to go back to bed............image
  • I seem to have caught everything going over the last two months. image What really annoys me tho is that everyone at work keeps saying "surely you are doing to much exercise" ggrrrrr it really annoys me. It seems everyone wants to find an excuse to prove that too much exercise can't be good for you! I have decided that I am not going to discuss it at work anymore, I don't like the implication that its my fault im ill.

    I am now taking every supplement under the sun lol  image.

    Anyway feeling better today, back to exercise plan tomorrow. imageimageimage 

  • Purple tri lady

    I get the same I have Ulcerative Collitis which I manage by healthy diet and bags of exercise although it still lays me low a couple of times a year and then everybody starts telling me I do to muchimage I am convinced (and so is my GP) that I would be a lot worse off if I was a restingimage couch potato, feeling lots better over the last two days so its a gentle run today for meimageimage

  • Sorry to hear you're unwell Ridge - avoid the orange juice with stomach conditions - too acidic. 

    Purple tri - I have a seasonal acupunture treatment at this time of year which boosts my immune system against winter bugs.  Has always worked for me.

  • Back fighting fit and into light training for the next week or so then full on again yipeeimage
  • great news ridgebackmaximageimage. I am still not right image.  Hopefully will not be long before I  recover.

     Parklife -  never tried acupuncture. Where do you get it done?

  • Trilady - I go to a practitioner at a local complementary therapy clinic.  If you're in the Bristol area, I can recommend someone.

  • I tried acupunture once for a sports injury definatly wasnt for me made me feel very nauseous imageand I felt like fainting hafway through
  • had 5 days doing nothing, back exercising yesterday, (still not training yet but my exercising is going well...!
  • I've had acupuncture for sports injuries too Ridge but worked well for me and I always feel great after sessions, sometimes slightly elated.
  • got struck down with the worst man flu ever yesterday.  i blame my daughter.  i've had nine years of good health.  but this year i've been ill for about 5 weeks i think.
  • Well I am now feeling great and have even been in the poolimage all those suffering at the moment get well soon and stay clear of the daytime telly!
  • I think with most of these bugs you have to catch them off someone, unless it`s food poisoning. One habit I have got into is washing my hands regularly. I know it sounds paranoid, but even if I have shaken hands with someone I will sneak off to the loo and give them a quick wash. It has served me well up to now. Can`t remember the last cold I had.  Possibly one in 2009.

    Colds are a real pain for training. I feel you just have to rest a couple of days and then your ok. All that rubbish about sweating it out. Pushing through a cold will lead to more buggy type things and reduced immune system.

    Keep those hands clean Ridge! image

  • Been suffering with food poisoning for the last couple if days. Projectile vomiting and a dhaal production factory....
    Been dehydrated all day but at least I just ate a bowl of sugar puffs.

    Got to go into work tomorrow but I think training is on hold for a couple of days

    I assume I am just noticing how bad the weather is/ illness as I want to get out biking....?
  • Someone about 2 years ago told me that they had eaten one Kiwi fruit a day for the last 5 years and never had a cold/cough etc.....I was sceptical but I have also now Kiwi fruited every day for the last year and have not had the slightest sign of a cold etc...just an idea and I have no way of proving it works or not.
  • Kiwi fruits by the ton being brought at lunchtime today to many people in the office coughing and sniffing for my liking
  • mmmm.... puts Kiwis on shopping list....
  • Definately worth a try! Probably Vit C but maybe there is more in them...

  • I'll give it a go, though I'm sceptical - OH eats kiwis but I can't say he's been cold-free.

    I think it's more likely to be that you are naturally immune if you don't catch colds. I don't generally catch anything (crosses fingers and toes, touches wood.....) but rarely eat kiwis. I do however eat tons of other fruit and veg. Vit C comes to mind.

  • Two days sick image  Back in work today but still feeling rough.

    The acupunture / eating kiwis / taking vit C / wearing pink socks stuff is all b*ll*cks.  You can improve your immune system by eating a healthy balanced diet and keeping fit but any improvement in your wellbeing from any of these "remedies" is purely anecdotal and is not backed up by scientific trials.

  • Sorry....... bad science is my bug bear!
  • But Mr W if you believe its doing you some good then it probably will.  You've just got to admire the power of the placebo effect.  Why not take a double dose of placebo? Its been shown that 2 sugar pills are better than 1, so have 2 kiwi fruit, or wear pink gloves to go with your pink socks. 
  • Good point, Timeout, although the placebo effect won't stop you catching a cold.  It will just reduce the impact it has on you.
  • or...wot I sed.
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