Employees Rights

My Mrs has been working at the same company for 15 years, for all that time she has been supplied with a parking permit for the car park there

Question is

can they take away that permit?
Since she has had it for so long, is it a part of her pay package, does anybody know ?


  • If it's not written into a contract of employment,and is a 'perk' they probably can. Does she have a union? They should be able to tell her the totally accurate answer.
  • They do have a union but they always side with the company, not much point in there being one really.
  • I think they probably can, but she does need to check her contract, but there again, they can issue new contracts! Best people to ask are ACAS, should be in your phone book.

  • who in the chain has Mrs Goose talked to about it?
  • I'm a lurker and recently-returned runner, but as I work in HR, thought I'd jump in on this one.

    Employment contracts - or what most people have which are statements outlining the principal terms of employment (such as pay, holidays etc) can be added to by what is called implied terms. If something is the normal custom or practice in an industry or company (eg in this case a parking permit for at least 15 years), it can become part of the employee's contract if it is reasonable, does not vary, and is well known throughout the company (sorry these are quite vague but that's the way the law is). Obviously it depends on the circumstances of your wife's work place, but if they have been able to provide this for 15 years, it sounds on the face of it like it meets these conditions.

    If it does, it can only be changed by one of 4 methods:
    1. Agreement between the affected employee/s and the company
    2. If they have a flexibility clause already in place in the contract
    3. If they terminate the current contract and offer a new one with new terms and conditions
    4. Through agreement with the Trade Union

    Even if the Union hasn't been helpful in the past it might be worth her having a chat with them to see whether they have agreed anything already.

    Sorry for the long answer! Feel free to PM me if you need any more info.

    *Lurker mode back on*
  • thanks for the info everyone, i will let you know how it goes
  • Goo5e - has she talked with her bosses about this (or was it a matter of 'come into my office, take a seat, btw we're removing ur parking, goodbye'). Maybe if she could demonstrate that it would be in their best interests to restore the parking space then she could pursue that option before exploring the legal alternatives.....
  • it was more a case of receiving an email from the guy who controls the parking on the site, its got nothing to do with her boss.
    Shes trying some avenues at the moment so fingers crossed it will get sorted out pretty quick
  • <<Shes trying some avenues at the moment>>

    Why, are there spare parking spaces there then??
  • LOL
    I meant "avenues of enquiry"

    just to confuse everybody
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