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  • Its only a teeshirt !
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
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    The problem for London is their finish area have limited space.
    They have to accomodate the finish line, funnelling, taking your chip off, medals,
    photos, goody bag and then the baggage lorries. They won`t have the capacity to
    have your size shirt in that area.

    London give out the same size shirt to everyone becauses its simple and
    cost effective rather than make four size shirts and guess how many runners
    will opt for small, medium, large, xlarge. You cannot please everyone.

    If you not happy with the London shirt. Either sell it on ebay. Give it as a gift or
    use as a teacloth.
    Rubbish, how much space would half a dozen extra trucks take up! 

    Umm, quite abit when the finish area is not huge.
    If London opted for size t-shirts. It would have been done. As they don`t want
    to, that answers the question.

  • Ha ha.. yeah maybe I am turning into a miserable git! No really I do love London and I think its a great race. Just a shame a lot of 'real' runners don't get the chance to run it very often. Double the price, give the extra money to charity and double the places for club runners. That would make a lot of runners very happy!!
  • Ok Stuart, no worries. Maybe you had a bad day.

    Actually, I do agree that the race is too cheap. If it's oversubscribed by a factor of 10 (or whatever the figure is) it suggests that they would still be overwhelmed by applications even if the price went up quite significantly. I wouldn't want to exclude people who can't afford it but the fact is, an average big city marathon is typically very much more expensive than London.

  • Double the price???????? Bloody hell & get the prawn sandwhiches out & you've got an event exclusively for Chelsea fans. I never thought i'd see the tennis brigade infiltrate road running.By doubling the price does that mean you get a better class of runner?image
  • I agree that doubling the price is a non-starter!   If you want to pay premium prices you can go and enter the so called "Great s**t Run" series of 'jogs' around the country!

    London is best for loads of reasons - the entry fee is brilliant and as I've mentioned before, my only gripe is the finisher T-Shirt!   But, I can live with that and will just buy one at the Expo.   After all, the finisher T-Shirt is just a small part of, arguably, the best running weekend in UK?   The VLM organiser has said to me that they are reviewing the T-Shirt situation for 2011 so if enough people complain in 2010, we may get a correct size T-Shirt in the future?

  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭

    I agree on the scale of things a t-shirt is not really a big deal. If it's XL then it'll be like a tent on me so will never be worn, maybe got out the cupboard once in a blue moon to show off!

    I think I paid £33 for my entry which is surprising cheap compared to some races out there for a lot less distance. Reading Half, GSR etc.

    I don't really agree that more places should be given to club runners or as they were referred to as 'real runners'. Whose to say that you only become a real runner when you join a club? Just because I'm not part of a club doesn't mean I'm any less passionate about running. It's taken me 4 attempts to get a place and I can see opening up more club spaces adding years to the current '5 year' rule. The attraction with London is that it is a challenge anyone can take. If you opened it up too much to club members then it would lose it's appeal to the general public - the 49 year old whose never run before but wants to do something big before they turn 50, the cancer survivor who wants a big challenge after regaining their health etc.

    I do agree though that maybe less places should be given to celebrities who are gonna p*** away their place. Anyone remember the Jade Goody attempt (RIP), did one training session and ate a diet of takeaways and then only makes it to mile 18. I think there are some that deserve their places but then others should be made to join the ballot like the rest of us.

  • The celebrity places seem to come out of the Golden Bond places that charities buy and give out. I think Jade is pretty much the extreme end of the scale - she was just too stupid to realise :
    a. How far it was and
    b. How hard it is to run a marathon.

    Even if you banned celebrities - you'd only get back another 40 places or so ? Its a drop in the ocean. I'm sure there are just as many (if not more) normal people who havent put the effort in and struggle with the distance. Thats their look-out and I dont think we can do anything about it really.
  • long live the T-shirt...............leave it at the finish where it matter how big.....
  • I agree that many non club runners do plenty of real training and should of course have a good chance of getting a place and yes there should be room for all those amazing charity stories etc, that is one of the things that makes London so great. That said, it is the clubs that organise the countless races all over the country that  many unaffilaited runners regularly enjoy. Hence why I think they should have a slightly higher priority. Doubling the price to say £60 would still be cheap and it is probably the biggest race of the year for most runners so I doubt many people would mind especially if the extra money went to charity and we could have a t shirt that fits.

    Small finish area and hence only one shirt? How do three trucks with three different sized t shirts take up more space than three trucks all with the same size t shirt??!!

  • - offers ordinary mortals a chance to buy the same sort of gear that celebrities wear!
  • Does anyone have a London Marathon 2015 Finishers Tshirt I could buy from them? Don’t mind the price! 
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
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    Which design is it? I'll see if I still have that one

    EDIT - sorry just checked it's the nice blue one with the 2 guys on; unfortunately although I still have that one I do like it and wear it all the time.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Keep an eye on ebay, I've seen that one on there now and again when I have been looking for various things.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Why do you want one, did you run it and have lost yours ?
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