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Hi, after extensive research ( wet footprint, looking at how my shoes lean on the kitchen table and looking at how my old ones have worn etc ) I have decided that I am a "normal" runner with respect to pronation , bandy legs etc. So i your OPINION what would be the most suitable training shoe for someone who only knocks out 12 miles a week at most on path or tarmac. I have a limited budget . I need to go to a running/sports shop and be able to say "I want this this or this " On tis note does anyone have any experiance of the running shop on boothferry road in hull ?


  • I love my creations, but that's private information.
    I'm fairly normal and have bandy legs.
    I got 'em for £55.
  • Bandy legs for £55 ?
    How much are normal ones. I think I need a pair.
  • Mercury,

    I bought my shoes from a shop so I could take along my old shoes(mainly used for gardening)and also get the video treatment. I thought I had a neutral gait, although I was advised to buy a stability shoe (okay for neutral runners). I was happy to pay the shop price even though I've seen the shoes £25 cheaper in RW mag.

    If you're on a budget I recommend you use a running specialist shop to get to the right shoe for you and then trawl thru RW mag and the internet to buy them via mail order and save a few quid!


  • If you can get to a Sweatshop then do! I use the branch in Woking and the staff there really know their stuff, will always keep within your budget, let you test run the shoes (if the weather's dry) and you can take them back and change them if they're wrong!

    Happy Shambling!

    How much does it cost for a Video test?
  • Hi Mercury Rev

    I too did the wet foot test recently. The first step appeared to indicate I was flat footed. However the foot was drenched - The second step was a continuous curve and I assume that is the one I should have looked at in order to choose my shoe. I have just ordered some ASICS KAYANO through mail order and got 25 squid off the asking price of 105. Ad in Sept RW

    Choosing a she in a shop and getting it cheap on the net is an excellent idea.
  • If everybody got the trained staff in running shops to help them choose the right shoe and then went off to buy them cheaper from somewhere else, there wouldn't be any running shops left.
    C'mon guys, if your going to get their help at least have the decency to pay for it!
  • For those on a tight budget it is fair enough. I wasn't suggesting that you waste the time of staff in a shop - I simply meant you could look at and hold the shoe in a shop before you decide if its for you or not. If I was to get helpful advise from a shop I would be happy to pay.
  • Snap Macca,

    The shoe I just purchased was the Asics Kayano and I got stung for the 105 asking price. I've since seen them in RW mag for 25 off, although I was very happy with the shop service and decided to swallow the difference this time and buy on the day.

    As it had been several years since I'd purchased a pair of shoes I would have bought the wrong ones via mail order had I based my decision on my old shoes.

    I contacted my local running shop and decided to visit when they said they had a treadmill in store. They checked out my old shoes and I ended up with the Kayano's wide fit after trying out the Nike Triax, Asics 1070, 2070 and Kayano standard fit on the treadmill.

    I wasn't rushed into my purchase and the video testing was free. It's strange to see your lower legs/feet on impact(especially when I thought I had a neutral gait)
    Anyway it was thru this check that I ended with what I hope to be the right shoe.

    It's one thing to bargain hunt on the apparell, but until you know the right shoe for you it pays to visit the a specialist shop.


  • Which shop did you go to to get the video test done HFTBeer? I could do with a test myself I think. I would be happy to pay seperatley for this kind of thing!
  • Runners Need, near Liverpool St Station, London.

    Don't know it they're near you?
    Just ring your local shop(s) and see it they have the treadmill and video to hand.
  • I think there is a runner needs in York, they seem to have some good offers on , think I'll have to get the missus to take me there before my birthday, speaking of which does anyone run in December ?
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