Where Do I Go From Here?

Having been persuaded by my partner into my first race today, I have now decided to get my own back by becoming as competetive as him. No more fun runs with the kids for me, oh no! He can coax them round in future!! Anyway that leads me to the thorny problem of how I get from a rather slow 5 miles accomplished today, to 10k, which would appear to be the next step.
I currently run once a week with a beginners group (3-4 slow miles) and once on my own for about 5 miles. I also go to the gym three times a week and do a couple of classes. What should I increase first, distance or time? And how long will this take without killing me? Any thoughts?


  • Hi FFF,

    Normally you should run 3 times a week to maintain fitness and 4 times upwards to improve. Out of those 4 one should be a 'long' slow run to improve stamina and for 10km this could be up to 8/10miles. Build up the distance no more than 10% per week. Another session could be tougher and short ie run with faster burst or hill. Remaining 2 can be mid length at a regular pace.
  • Unless you mean from '5k to 10k', then it's not that a long way to go! 10k is 6.2 miles. Your training will basically depend on what you're aiming for. Bod's schedule will probably get you challenging Paula R within the next 2 years!

    Seriously, it's probably best to check some schedules and see which one suits you best. Why don't you start from the ones on this site?

    Good luck.
  • 20 years ago I was told that if I could run 3 miles, 3 times a week in relative comfort, I could run 10.5 miles once in a race. I believed it, entered the race and finished it comparatively easily.

    Didn't run again for 20 years, but that's another story.

    You should be able to run 10k once with no major probs, but received wisdom is not to increase your mileage by more than 10% per week.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I'd just start upping the length of my long runs. If you can run 5 you can probably do 7 even if you suffer a bit - but you'll only suffer a couple of times and then 7 will seem like 5 does now. Before too long you'll be knocking out regular double figures runs without thinking twice - it happens to all of us!

    Keep some short runs in your schedule but make them fast ones - you know - where you can't talk for a minute or so and you end up bent double trying to get your breath back. Do two of these a week and a long run and I think you'll improve a lot faster than doing a lot of steady running. The downside is that each run will seem a bit daunting - because it is going to hurt a bit - but that is the only way if you want to be competitive. When you get to a certain level then you can start doing more training and steady runs, intervals, hill work, fartlek etc will come into the equation.
  • Thanks for all the advice guys.
    Currently up to 5.4 miles (am I the only sad git who does a run then drives it to see how far I've gone?)and finding it hard.
    Also finding it hard to fit the runs in as I'm a gymaholic as well and all my plans never seem to pan out right. Anyway will try to fit three runs in a week and push the distance up. Hill work no problem as I have no choice round here and speed can wait till I can do the distance comfortably. There's a nice ladies only 10K calling me in September, so I've now got an incentive!
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    5.4 miles is good though, it's easy to read posts on here and think that is normal, if you start posting on the daily training thread it's easy to start thinking that everyone trains twice a day - at first you think they are nutters but you soon find you are doing it yourself. I think 6 miles was the furthest I'd done this time last year.
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    Get off your backside & do the 6.5 mile run I showed you this afternoon!
  • If 95 minutes ever wants his kit washed again he shouldn't poke his nose into threads that don't concern him!!
  • Wayne.
    How did your race go on Saturday?
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    Triple F still hasn't done the 6.5 mile route, but my kit is clean...
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