Chester Marathon 2010

Seen on another thread that there is to be a Chester marathon May 31st next year does anyone have any more info`for this forth coming event?



  • I will pass on more information on Monday when I have measured the course and met the race organiser. Basically from Chester Rugby Club via Guilden Sutton along the Cheshire Greenway to Hawarden Bridge and back. (Cheshire Greenway = cycleway = good tarmac track on old railway)
  • is there an 1/2 mara with it?
  • that's a regular route for me Eric, i run out that way and back along the river.  Do you not think its a bit close to the half on the 16th?
  • Hmm a Chester Marathon, sounds promising, would definately like to hear more about this.
  • this is sounding great   I love chester    and  hope to do it     it would be great
  • eric 2

    Look forward to more info Monday, this looks like a good alternative to Mersey Marathon which we won`t have next year.image

  • well you won't see anything of Chester on that course, it's not unpleasant but it's pretty boring.  The path's only about 8-10 feet wide too, even today on a wet blustery saturday it was quite busy, I expect there will be plenty of bike clubs out on a bank holiday.  If it's out & back, you've got runners going in two directions, plus the cyclists (it is a national cycle route) plus all the dog walkers and families out with their toddlers, it will be packed.
  • Measured the course this morning - really nice course on the Cheshire Greenway with 2 miles at the start plus 2 miles at the finish on closed roads - the race organiser says he will start publicising the race on Runners World in the next few days. With the Mersey Marathon not taking place in 2010 I imagine this will be a very successful event.

    (Mr Puffy - the Greenway seemed pretty quiet today!! - and I din't find it boring at all - seems a great venue for your training runs)

  • Sounds quite good....image
  • Yes very promising, looks like this is going to be my first marathon.. woohoo.

  • Count me in I reckon!!image
  • eirc 2

    count me in   any travel inns/lodges in chester

  • There's bloody loads of very nice BnB's mate, a Travel inn, Premier Inn etc....

    I'd wait for confirmation of the date then get in quick as its bound to get busy!! image

  • paul


    also may be doing Bradford in october    but got a warm up race   near Bradford in march  with spenborough ac  called the spen 20 mile

  • Perhaps I am a little jaded Eric, I've done a lot of miles down there!  There's a really nice B&B in a place called Mickle Trafford called The Manor, a couple of miles from the Rugby club.  There's a place called the Twirl of Hay dunno if it's a premier inn or a travelodge, but it's that type of place, that's about a mile from the club.  There's a new travelodge in Chester City centre, and a nice Holiday inn by the racecourse.

    Who is organising the race Eric?

  •  eric2

    imageAt last some good news concerning a marathon which is to be held not to far from home.    

    Chester half & full marathon within the space of two weeks, i`m sure local businesses will be very happy with the extra trade us runners will bring them. (Maybe LCC can learn from this?).

  • Will the course be flat, undulating or hilly?

  • If it is as decribed by Eric it is very flat, depends on where the turn is, there may be a footbridge.

  • Hymmm, has 1st april moved to 31st may in 2010?
  • carrot top wrote (see)
    Hymmm, has 1st april moved to 31st may in 2010?
    and your point is...?
  • carrot top

    I hope your mistaken and this isn`t a wind up!!! image

  • Do we know if this is going ahead?
  • Claire McDonnell 2 wrote (see)
    Do we know if this is going ahead?
    Yes it is. We have already been told by the man himself that the course has been officially measured.
  • Oh thanks.  Need to make my mind up npw between this and another one.

    Do you know much about it, the course?

  • Claire McDonnell 2 wrote (see)
    Do you know much about it, the course?
    I don't, but if you read back through the thread, the course measurer has given a brief description of it.
  • If its along the bikepath to Hawarden - there are a few narrow gates to go through ? I suppose they could unlock them for the race - but the whole path is pretty narrow - especially if its an out and back race ?
  • Claire will any other race offer you the chance of a barby in my back garden??

    Come on!

  • I know, I know Mr P, just can't decide!image
  • Here is an email I have received about it:

    "This event starting at Chester Rugby Club, will be using the Greenway (Millennium Cycle Path) from Guilden Sutton in Cheshire, onto the section in Wales from Saughall to Hawarden Bridge, and at the Hawarden Bridge end there will be a loop on the Corus private roads before the runners return along the Greenway back to Chester."

  • Thanks Denis, that's great - is it being held on the 31st May?
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