Hello all,
I started running in Jan 2003 and have registered for the 2003 GNR and was wondering who else on here is running in the GNR?
And if any of you have run it before can give me tips on the circuit and getting the best out of it on the day.


  • Doug
    its not a course for a PB, its crowdwed
    its a fantastic day though, just enjoy it

    The last mile will seem like two though, you can hearvthe finish, but cant see it

    Good luck

  • It's a great run Doug (maybe that's where the name comes from..?) Anyway, enjoy it, you'll be pulled along by the thousands of other runners.

    The route is from Newcastle city centre out to South Shields. There's a slight incline in the 3rd/4th mile then it's fairly flat until mile 10, when it seems to go upwards for two miles (nothing too steep, but you can tell!). As Hippo says, the last mile goes on forever - don't start the sprint too soon!

    If you're expecting to stay over and not yet booked, you may struggle to find somewhere. I know of people who drive in on the morning of the race from Carlisle, Leeds etc!

  • worth it though

    I nearly cried when i was ofered biscuits at mile 6, from a granny out of her own house, and a real biscuit tin
  • Im staying in a B&B booked it in feb so I'll be there the day before.
    Can't wait
  • you will LOVE it

  • I'm staying for the night afterwards too - got the Monday off work - as a) the lie-in helps me recover, and b) the traffic on the A1 tends to be a little slow in the afternoon after the run!

    One bit of advice Doug - you need to get to the start area in good time. The baggage buses tend to leave about an hour before the start and they position them about 15 minutes walk back from the start line! The sprinting for the buses helps with the warm up I guess!
  • The hill at mile 3/4 is not too bad, the one at 11 seems more of a killer. Agree with the comments about the last mile seeming to take forever.

    Don't worry about your time and simply enjoy the race. It took me 19 minutes to cross the start line last year.

    Getting out of South Shields can take forever, and its a hell of a walk to the train station, especially after having run 13.1.

    Good luck and see you there!
  • I'll be doing the GN for the first time and am pretty scared already! after hearing about the hill in mile 11!
  • Im going maybe see u there.

  • Well looks like we need to do some hill work.
    Look on the bright side julie we got 4 more months to train.
    Good luck all
  • its not a big hill and the crowds are always good at that point and when yor reach the top and see the sea, its great

    Good luck
  • The hill is fine
    great view of the sea at the top
  • Its a fab day. Doing my 5th this year. Swore my first GNR was my last until I hit last mile. Does seem to go on forever but the crowds are fantastic. They really keep you going. Enjoy. It is worse cycling that hill than running it.
  • Am hoping hoping hoping to be doing this. Injured achilles 3 weeks ago. Waiting for new orthotics. Meanwhile just joined the local gym for 6 weeks to keep fitness up. Was up to 8 miles before the injury, just keeping fingures crossed. This was why I started plodding last Nov after watching friend doing it.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I would love too be doing this run but took up running too late this year...but next year I will be there!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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