Norwich Half Marathon 2010

Right then - who's in?


  • Bloody hell, you're keen!!!!.

    I'm onboard!

  • Me, almost defo, yes indeed.

  • Anyone know of a 52 week half marathon training programme?
  • I am sure I can find one somewhere, sounds like my kinda HM training program.
  • I'm in ....  but what other's are on the radar until then ???

  • How about Ras Cors Caron nice undulating half in Tregaron.
  • Reedham 10 mile
    Broadland Half Marathon
    Wymondham 20 mile
    Trowse 10km
    Bungay Marathon (or maybe just the half)
  • Welsh Alex - I'm sure Tregaron is a lovely place and all, but it's a 6+ hour drive. I'm not that keen!

  • I made it up here, sheep and all image
  • It's quite a famous place you know
  • Yes, I'll definitely be back for more next year.  In between them I may attempt some, all or fewer of the following:

    Wymondham 10k
    Great East Run (Bungay 20k)
    Bury St Edmonds 20 mile
    Wymondham 20 mile
    Bungay Marathon
    Wymondham 10 mile
    Great Yarmouth Half Marathon
    Grunty Fen Half Marathon

    Hope to see some of you at these events! In the meantime, happy training...image

  • I am looking at doing the Reedham 10, the Dereham 10, Breckland 10k, GYRR 10k, Grunty fen HM and Norwich HM.
  • Tregaron looks more interesting now! 6 million tabs of LSD. Hmmm, how would that affect my half marathon times?

    I have been looking in further detail at my next 6 months and can officially confirm that I am doing

    Reedham 10 + Wymondham 20 + Bungay 26.2

    The following 6 months are still TBC, but will defo include Norwich Half.

  • I'm up for the GY Half in Aug I think.
  • I'm in!  (argh!)  Not too sure which other races I'll attempt beforehand!!! 
  • Great Yarmouth half looks good, although might be a bit hot!
  • I'll be there next year! In the meantime, I'll probably be attending quite a few of the events that Mr Spoons and Freemers are going for, seeing as we seem to be in a similar area. image

    Incidentally, regarding the Wymondham events - are the courses accessible from the train station? As that's the only way I could get there...
  • Haven't a clue - sorry!
  • Wymondham is a small place, I can't see them being too far from the station, even if they are a little way, I am sure someone would give you a lift from the station!
  • Hey,Mr Spoons, well done for setting up a new thread ready for next years half.

    After reading your comments about future races,the one Im interested in at the mo is the Wymondham 20.Have entered the GNR,but that's not until September.

    Ran the 2.24 mile to club last night,then ran the 1 mile warm-up,managed to complete the 5 sets of 1k efforts with 1 and a half minute recovery in-between,then ran home.By the time I walked indoors I was shattered,absolutley exhausted.I know I did'nt race on Sunday,but that was far too much too soon.I still feel really tired today,lesson learnt me thinks.image

  • Hi Mandy - you know me, I like to be organised well in advance!

    I'm now feeling rubbish and have started sneezing. My calves are like blocks of lead, heavy, solid and inflexible. Both kids have got temperatures of over 100. Maybe I should just have a week of early nights and no training, but I HATE that. I want to get out there, I can't stand sitting about. All I can think about is "could I have gone a bit faster". I know, I'm obsessed.

    p.s. I'm asking Santa for a bike for Christmas. I have a secret yearning for triathlon......
  • Moonlight - the race HQ for the New Years Day 10k and the 20miler is a hall right in the middle of town - less than half a mile from the station, so no problem. Neither race actually finishes at race HQ - both are a little walk away, (in different places) but not very far.

    The 10miler in the summer is in a neighbouring village, and you would need a lift from the station...if I do it (and I am sure I will as I came 2nd lady and 1st F40 this year so have a reputation to maintain....ha ha you can tell it was a small field image) then I'd happily give you a lift if you need one.

    Wymondham 20 is very good for pre-marathon training. I find it a tough course - done it twice now and both times it was pretty windy. Not without its undulations either - I'd say worse on the legs than Norwich but 20 miles is a long way!

  • Get well soon Mr Spoons and family

    Has anyone entered the Wymondham 20 yet????I read that it is online entry via RunnersWorld only.Have checked the list on RW to enter,but it's not there yet,or I must have missed it.I want to enter asap before I change my mind

  • Hi All

    Checked last night up the club about the Wymondham 20,entry's don't appear until after Christmas apparently.

    Well,congratulating myself today,have now officially hit my mileage target for the year of 800 miles.Well chuffed,considering I only run 3 times a week imageimageimageimage

    How is everyone else getting along???

  • Only 500 miles this year so far, although my "year" doesn't end till beginning of Feb.
  • I got race number 1 for the Wymondham 20 this year, so must have been first online. I don't think I entered until well into January. It was good fun with number 1 - lots of shouts from the spectators!

    800 miles is fantastic Mandy! Go for the 1000 next year...image

  • I'm going for the big 1000. Currently just over 900 so should be OK. (Probably break a leg at 995 knowing my luck).

    However, I am now more interested in doing Wymondham with a bib number 1. Gotta get my entry in first.....
  • Well done on your 900 + miles Mr Spoons

    Does this mean that we now have a race on to see who,if any of us,will claim the Number 1 bib???????

  • Absolutely - great idea Mandy. When can we sign up?
  • Can't sign up until after crimbo Im afraid

    Have come down with a shocker of a bad cold.Tried to go for a small 3 miler run yesterday as it was a beautiful day,I thought the fresh air might do me good.What a mistake,felt like I was running with only half a lung.Had to keep stopping to get my breath back,I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

    How is everyone else,all well I hope???????

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