Leeds Social

After looking at availabilities - its the most popular one.

Who's organising the Leeds end of things though - Monique ?? ;-)

I dunno the locale !


  • 28th June is the date - sorry - it's in the subtitle of the thread but doesn't show when you are in the thread itself.

    So probably Norwegian Blue ? ;-)
  • I can come hooray, What about you Laura?
    If any young Leeds things are better at the club scene than me please step forward and help me out. We could do Walkabout, Springbok and Yatess then on to that club that is in the new complex called Lighthouse, can't remember the name of the club, but I have been and was in a certain state after trying to keep pace with pitchers of cocktails and a better drinker than myself.
  • Sounds like a good date for me. Doing Humber Bridge Half the next day, but that's OK.
  • Club is Tiger Tiger but its a bit crap! Maybe i wasn't drunk enough!
  • I'm not v good on the clubs in Leeds - usually too drunk to find them again!
  • With a name like that, I'd say it would be a bit crap.
  • That's it Tiger Tiger, I enjoyed myself, night got off to a good start when the bouncer asked me my age- soon realised his mistake when I asked him how old he thought I was.
  • Can't for the life of me remember a single record played there though.
  • People who can make the 28th are :

    Josie Jump (I love Balamory)
    Fat Squirrel
  • Cougster - it won't be the same without you!
  • Boing. For Caz.
  • Ah right!

    They London social in the night before (provisionally) but we can move it.
  • Are you mad woman??? Move an institution such as THE London social has become for an upstart event where you'll be lucky to get into double figures?

  • Oh well maybe not, but it's not official yet.

    Can us southern jessie's handle two socials one night after the other?
  • why don't you come to leeds Snoopster - puppie heaven!
  • where? Not up in the sodden north izzit?
  • yip
  • almost - still a bit south 4 me
  • hey, now meeting the Wildman - that might tempt me to the frozen wastes - well for one evening at least.

    Can't we find anywhere more genial than Leeds tho?

    What about Milton Keynes - that's oop North innit?

  • snoop i've made it to The london social and will be there next week
  • Whats wrong with Leeds?

    I may be forced to join you (now youve done it) but Im drunk after 2 pints so i doubt i would make it to Tiger, Tiger.
  • Missed you last time Wildman - see you next week then!

    Alf mate - will yer pension stand the cost of a third pint?
  • i can come now, holiday duly postponed by one day - since i was challenged to come by Monique, and i did beg for the next piss up - i mean runners social evening, to be in Leeds!!
  • mention the words Tiger, Tiger, and Snoop comes bounding onto the thread.... ;)
  • Funny that! :)
  • one mention of that five letter word and he can't control himself. :)
  • Yes we noticed :)
  • btw C-ML-M, noticed on other thread that you are hoping to go to this social ?

    (hmmmmm... you kept that quiet from me)

    i'll stay at home then :(

  • Eh, no I thought you were coming too? :(
  • not sure yet.
    will know nearer the time

    but you go..

    ...as long as you behave.. ! :)

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