training is going so badly

Windsor is my 2nd 1/2M and only my 3rd race.
my pb's are 1.53 for the 1/2 and 50.22 for the 10k
was hoping for 1.45 for Windsor but fear that is out of reach, as recently my training is not up to par.
I usually run 3/5 time per week and have a course that can be 4,5.5,8 or 10 miles.
I usually set out and depending on how I feel will run which ever length I feel up to on the day, I admit to not doing any speed work-just go out and run.
My course has 2 bigish hills so dont need seperate hill days.
this week I have been sruggling to even complete the 4 mile course and am getting worried about under achieving Windsor, and more worringly, I am doing the Dublin marathon in Oct, and was hoping for sub 4 hrs.
Any tips or advice would be most helpfull.
I do have to fit my running around a 6 day week of between 15 & 16 hrs a day, so prob do not prepare well enough for each session, just tend to think 'well i can fit an hours run in now', get changed, warm up and go.


  • Legless - don't despair yet. It's been a really hot week and many of us have found this summer that we just can't 'perform' when its warm.

    You're way out of my league as a runner - I'm really slow - but I know that heat can affect runners of all abilities.

    Stick at it and I'm sure that by the time that lovely cold weather comes in October you'll be fine - but you do need to sleep somehow - as right now you're reaching the end of a really intensive phase of training.

    Good Luck
  • Hello Legless,

    It sounds to me as though your marathon training is catching up with you and you're getting tired. Training for a marathon is an exhausting business, and I don't think you should expect too much of yourself in other races between now and then. I don't know when Windsor is, but isn't Dublin at the end of October? If I were you I'd go out at Windsor and have a comfortable run. Don't aim for a PB - just see what comes, and look at it as a training run for the marathon.

    There'll be plenty of time to set PBs for other distances when you have Dublin out of the way, particularly if that's your first marathon :-) Aim to get round without hitting the wall. If you get your sub 4 then that's brilliant, but imo it's more important in the long term to try to enjoy the experience, especially first time round. I say this having missed out on a sub 4 in Belfast, my own first marathon, by 8 minutes last May. It was a little disappointing, but I slowed down half way round when I realised that on the day I couldn't keep the pace up. I didn't hit the wall, and now I'm hoping to get that sub 4 time in Venice at the end of October :-)

    Anyway, very best of luck to you, whatever you decide to do at Windsor.
  • thanx piglet, and good luck to you 2
  • Legless, with your long working days and training on top of that, could it be that you are tired out? Are you taking a day of total rest a week when you can just relax and sleep and eat to stoke up for the coming week? it can make all the difference. Also, if you are continually tired, it could be that you are a bit anemic - maybe some iron tablets would help there.
    Good luck for all the races you are doing. Aim to finish, a PB is a bonus.
  • Legless , do not worry. I agree maybe you're not leaving enough rest.
    I too got shagged out over the summer doing long runs, intervals and threshold runs (up to 8-10 miles at halfM pace) each week, so I rested when I could've done a slow recovery.
    Prior to the Great South (aiming for a pb), I dropped a few sessions took 2-3 days off in the preceding week and ran the best I've ever ran (even splits 3mins+ off the pb).

    I'm using the same tactics for Windsor: a few hard sessions this week, and ease up next week.There is little training can add to your performance in the last few weeks anyway , hence 'the taper'.

    Last point : re the training , focus on quality, not quantity.As part of the marathon training you should be doing your longest runs about now anyway so focus on these as well as doing some longer intervals.substitute the day between your midweek harder sessions with rest.

    Good luck with both runs.
  • just got back from a 12M run.
    1.40.29 on an undulating course 2M road 8M forest 2M road.
    Feeling happier now------------
    Dangly-REST? whats that. only get 1 day off/week and thats the day I do my big run(i.e. today), but I do understand what you mean
    Dustin- this is my first run since fri, I had realised the need for quality not quantity, will do a short recovery tomorrow, nowt on thurs, and might try a 10M on fri.
    Thanx to you both, and keep them legs pumpin'
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