Change isn't good

Anyone with me?

Takes bloody ages to load things and I'm on a very quick Mac.

Also, everything seems to be squashed in - like when Sainsbury's extended the shop and squidged all the aisles together thinking no one would notice. 



  • Hello D2D

    Probably get used to it, but I agree,it does seem slower to load and smaller.

  • Loads very quickly on all our Macs at home and work. Layout seems pretty clear.
  • The kids grew up listening to me singing Apple's praises so by brainwashing from a young age they now refuse to have anything else for their homework and play.

    At work anyone mentioning a PC in our studio gets tarred and feathered.
  • Seems to load quicker on my mac (yes another one, and mine is one of three in our house!). Mind you, that might just be a coincidence, as my broadband is rubbish...
  • In anticipation of a Mac vs PC thread starting maybe I should mention that went for a run this morning ...
  • It's slow on a PC as the site appears to be downloading everything from the server every time, rather than looking in my temporary internet files.
  • Seems OK to me.  Probabl a few teething problems to iron out.

    Layout isnt much different.  Give it a try.  There is a Website Bugs tab where you can report any problems or other feedback.

  • Sorry, not a tab.  Click on Forums and scroll down the screen and the forum you need is there.
  • Strange comparison that image  Runners World website with Sainsburys image It is nearly Pantomine season i suppose. image 

    Embrace the change, Devoted2Distance image

  • Seems to be giving a lot more space over to the ads on the right thus squashing all the posters details. I can take it or leave it really
  • I feel like I'm driving a left hand drive car.

    Know what I mean?image

  • Not very impressed
  • I can't find a bloody thing!

    And I used to be able to navigate this site with my eyes closed....

    What was wrong with it before? Why should we reinvent the wheel?image

  • BDB - best festive make-over I've seen so far.  Good effort fella!

    Change is the only constant, I believe...

  • LB - it looked about 10 years old.  Positively antique in interweb terms.  New layout give more space to advertising, which is where RW make their money.  They are a business after all.  Still easier to find anything than on Fetch.  I can't find a bloomin thing there.

    I'm sure more changes will come.

    Phil - thanks squire image

  • I like the new layout.
    Works for me.
    Better spread out I say.
  • I don't like it.  It is a cheap immitation of the US site.  The US site looks good (although their forums are tricky to navigate).  Here they have cocked it up.  The font is wrong, the font sizes are wrong, the layout is crap, there are missing elements (that used to make life easy - bookmarks, next page, previous page, etc). 

    /end rant

  • Its looking good on my blackberry - ads are all tucked away at the bottom of the screen.
  • LOL... it's generally OK on an iphone too.  Although some of the bits on the page are minute!  It is slower though i think.
  • seems ok on pc and igadget.  i am sure teething problems will be fixed.  just use the bits you need and try to see beyond the niggles. 

  • I am not as disturbed as when the last update happened.
  • agree with you there Alex.

    Not too bad at all. In fact it's a bit clearerimage

  • Think we said the same thing  on the last 2 or 3 changes!!!  You get used to things image
  • I think the changes are good. Don`t forget its the first day and RW have admitted there
    will be problems here and there. That`s why they want your feedback. To find out where
    the problems, the loves and the hates.

    I always been told that change is evitable whether you like it or not.
  • it's so SLOW

    I've been on lots of stuff tonight, different websites etc, and they are lightening quick, so it has to be this site

  • Bring back old school RW!

    Sign the petition...

  • Am I the only one to hardly notice any difference at all? 

    A font change, more adverts, what else?  I'm struggling!

    (That strange one legged woman's back again)

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