Compression shirts

Hi All

With regards to running tops I have a technical top but does anybody use the compresson tops and, if, so, what are your thoughts on

a) do they give you any benefit ?

b) should you keep them on after training ?

c) I guess they should fit like a second skin (snug) ?

d) any personal recommendations ?

Also with a wicking top, should these be a snug fit as well to keep close to your body to get the sweat away

Thanks in advance and apologies if these seem a bit numpty


  • I don't like them,I've got a couple and they feel a bit restrictive,maybe it's because I'm carrying a little more weight around my middle than I'd like! I've got a loose fitting Under Armour which with an extra layer over the top on extra cold night works fine for me,each to their own I suppose.
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