Compression tops

Hi All

With regards to running tops I have a technical top but does anybody use the compression tops and, if, so, what are your thoughts on

a) do they give you any benefit ?

b) should you keep them on after training ?

c) I guess they should fit like a second skin (snug) ?

d) any personal recommendations ?

Also with a wicking top, should these be a snug fit as well to keep close to your body to get the sweat away

Thanks in advance and apologies if these seem a bit numpty


  • The 2xu kit is good  and like with the wicking tops should be snugg to be able to wick the moisture away from the skin and stop the muscles from exessive movement which cause fatigue to set in sooner, i think...

     Problem with keeping it on after training is that you'll stink!!!

  • I can just about understand the thinking for compression shorts and tights. I'm not sure its as valid for the tops though.

    I've got a couple of nike tops - given to me - I wouldnt buy them. Good as base layers - but I've not noticed any difference between them and a helly hansen normal top. I cant think I've come back from a run and thought 'phew - my top halfs really tired'

    Oh good for controlling moobs !
  • i picked up a ludicrous nike compression top in white, from TX max for a fiver.

    Was just planning to wear it as a base layer on long runs over winter, (these start at 7 in the morning).  No way would I wear it on its own, (my physic is improving with evercise but........)  

  • 1. Yeah

    2. No, they are sweaty and stink

    3. Yeah

    4. Crane from Aldi, a tenner each for top and bottom.

  • Under Armour - bomber kit.

    I weatr one as an underlayer in winter.

    Theory of them prolonging muscle life is good....but complete rubbish IMHO.

  • I suspect there's less chance of runner's nipple in a compression top
  • Correctamundo. Save a fortune on microporous tape. It's very warm too.
  • aggree about less nip chafing with compression tops

    I have a few but tend to use them as underlayers in winter rather than for any other purpose as they are warmer and as said, stop nip rub

    btw - I read the OP's name as "mytitjob"..... image
  • Shiny wrote (see)
    I suspect there's less chance of runner's nipple in a compression top
    Just reading that reminds me of the pain associated with runners nipple... imageimage
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