Thursday 3rd December 2009

free your inner soul and break away from tradition.
Coz when we beat out, girl it's pullin without. You wouldn't believe how we wow shit out.
Burn it till it's burned out. Turn it till it's turned out. Act up from north, west, east, south.

Thank you Stickless.

Gobi - yes, it is great news. The direct comparison is probably what I should have made here. During the middle period this time I wasn't even allowed to do weights, never mind aerobic, yet last Dec with the s-f I was able to x-train with gusto, yet came out of it in far worse shape (I remember you being particularly gobsmacked how much fitness I'd lost despite x-training). It's very pleasing that despite a rough year there has been a massive aerobic step forward, and I guess, that, rather than any individual race time is the legacy of this year for me (thank fcuk there is something positive to take out of it).

What: turbo soon / run pm / core pm / no weights though - work party.
Why: Thursday.
Last hard: Yesterday.
Last rest: Monday.

Have a great day all! image


  • Morning all!

    Yesterday's lyrics were "She's Leaving Home", The Beatles...I'm sure many if not most will know now that they know...

    Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins
    Silently closing her bedroom door
    Leaving the note that she hoped would say more...

    What: off to hospital re-shoulder
    Why: see what progress has been made

    Lyrics: nope

    Enjoy the day

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭


    alehouse oh yes and I do like that song!  good luck today

    what: club run later

    why: not been for too long

    last hard: yesterday

    last easy all the days before

    take care all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Staying in the big smokw tonite so will get a run in later - what will depend on time available.

    Tipp - dont mention the war!!!. Delaney has taken a case where we were subject to yet another bad luck story and made us a laughing stock. He's a gynnet!!!. Blatter is a fool but we gave him the chance to laugh at us, making us look like complete fools and he succeded - cant wait to hear Keane's comments!!. 

  • Morning

    Chicka: great news indeed

    PM2: ah the great Irish conspiracy theory, not winning yourself any friends at the moment.

    What: 10.1 miles in 82 mins
    Why: recovery days, was surprised to see that my easy pace is now 8-15 min/miles there was a time when that was a good marathon pace. Today was the first time this winter that I deemed it cool enough to run outdoors at lunchtime, so by bye treadmill for the next two months. Most of you would probably have a hissy fit at running in 27C but seriously thats cool.
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last Rest: Tuesday

    Lyrics: No TT is way too young!

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning

    What: 7 miles steady (what again!)
    Why: it gets me out of the house
    Last Hard; sort of yesterday - though there aren't any easy days when you're not fit.
    Last rest 2 days.

    Alehouse - I spent the whole of yesterdays run humming "She's Leaving Home", one of Maccas best efforts.

    I weighed myself for the first time this am - 10st 11lb, that compared with my best racing weight of 10st 2lb and the 11st 6lb I was 6 weeks ago. This time round I'll settle for about 10st 6lb.

    A counter intuitive bit of maths to consider: My current training plan is based on a 5 day cycle (4@ training, 1@ rest). I thought of increasing this to a 6 day cycle (5@training, 1@ rest). Surprisingly this means than in a 30 day period (ie December) I would only run one extra day! Seems like a small benefit to be gained given my current precarious position.

    Run and prosper.

  • morning all.

    What: 2 miles
    Why: it's all I could face after another really bad night's sleep
    Last hard: surviving today on <4 hours kip
    Last rest: rest?  What's rest???

    Work stress combined with really uncomfortable guts meant I didn't fall asleep until 1 or 1.30 ish and woke without help from the alarm at 5am.  Tried to get back to sleep but failed so got up and took myself out for a very short run.  Junk miles  I guess but I needed to do something.

    Still awaiting results from tests ordered by gastro man.  Hope they come soon as there's no moving on until his suspicion is either confirmed or otherwise.  Ho hum.

    Have a good day.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Chicka - great news
    AleH - hope its +ve news at the hospital
    Mava - here's hoping test results are good news.
    Lyric - todays yes, still no wiser with yesterday's song but I am vaguey familiar with the group image

    Paddy (& TT) - think the footy thing has dragged on for long enough now. Whatabout Costa Rica getting a place (the Uruguay goal was a mile offside). And now France are complaining about FIFA using rankings not ranking + past performance.
    Paddy (again) - welcome to the world of 14 hour days...actually yesterday was more like 18, but then 4 of those were in the pub after work......

    What - 25 minutes on the treadmill,hill profile (avg 4 %) , managed 5.1kms
    Why - didnt fancy sprints so did hills instead

    Have a super day

  • A'noon peeps.

    What:4m Steady this morning.

    Chicka : Good news for you.

    Mava: Hopefully some good news for you too.

    Catch up time again.

  • Afternoon,

    mava - hope you get some news that helps.

    What: just over 5M at just under 7.30 pace
    Why: I can run faster when it is cold
    Last hard: just done it
    Last rest: yesterday

    Have a good rest of day.

  • Lyrics - No

    Mava - best of luck with the results and hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

    What - 8.25 miles at 7.40mm done easy/tempo alternating so  8.15/6.39/8.51/6.41/8.51/6.42/8.41/6.40 and a cool down quarter mile. 

    Why - I don't know what exactly but seemed more productive than just doing another longish steady run.  Got a possible XC race on Sunday which if I do it will top the week off nicely. 

  • What: Hills
    Why: It's Thursday
    Lyrics: no even when I googled although I DO know the band. Well sort of (slowly nudges zimmer frame forward an inch or two).

    Last hard: Circuits with Sgt Major Phys last night.
    She did say I was quicker running through the ladder this time. Thanks ma'am, I nearly fell on my sword the first time I ran through and you said "Bit slow for a sprinter...."

    Good luck with the results mava, and you at the hosp alehouse.

  • Afternoon

    What 5.2 tempo (6:28, 6:45, 6:40, 6:47, 6:47, 0.14m @ 5:56m/m)
    Why  was feeling good when I set off

    The first mile is down hill

  • Afternoon all!

    Took yesterday off, running-wise. I still had to teach the last class, sit through another session of the classical Chinese workshop, but I was looking forward to the end of that: 6 weeks non-teaching have started for me image

    Today I went for a gentle pootle around, 4 miles I assume, it was 43 minutes. This afternoon: sports massage with some NMR thrown in. Ouchiwawa! Neuro-muscular re-education (or ironing out the tension, scar tissue and knots in the tendons as well as the muscles) goes rather deep, but in a good way. I'll be back for more. In the final stages it was discovered the tibialis anterior is rather misbehaving and we should have focused on that one all along. I simply never realised it isn't supposed to be that tight. We live and learn image

    Off for the research seminar now. My duty tonight is to entertain the speaker.
  • What:  a.m. 2.25 easy; p.m. 6.23m inc drills, strides, 7 * 100m fast relaxed and 1 * 300m at goal 1500m pace.

    Why:  On my comeback last season I never got my speed back, this season will be different.  I train in track spikes at least once a fortnight after the "soleus shock" last year when i started using them.  Felt quite quick today, session shorter than usual - it's rest week after all.

    Last Hard:  Tuesday

    Last Rest:  Last Thurs.

    Postie - do you hit those paces straight out of the door?

    Sharkie - you're training hard!

    Arclight - weight is going in the right direction, well done.  I got down to 10st 12lb last year but am now 11st 6lbs.  I think 11st 2lbs is my maintainable racing weight, but plenty of time before that's necessary.

  • Afternoon peeps,

    still haven't managed to read back on what I missed but there's always the weekend.

    mava - hope you get good news soon.  And some sleep! How's your bro coping?  I think I read something about him having to face a very difficult choice.  Whatever decision he makes, I hope it's the one that brings him back to good health.

    I didn't sleep a wink last night but that was due to the pure joy and relief.  Oh, and and the better part of a bottle of bubbly may have played a certain role ...  I more or less drank it on my own as hubby was stil on ATBs yesterday so had to stay off the lash.

    What: 11.5 miles very slow
    Why: I can't run fast with a hangover
    Last hard: the wait at the doctor's office yesterday
    Last rest: Monday
    Lyrics: there's lots of them but I still don't have a clue I'm afraid

    It's the our team's xmas party tonight, so I'm off to party soon.  tomorrow's hangover will be worse and I don't expect any running to be done  image
  • Hope you get sorted soon, you need your sleep.

    Paddy - not to rub it in - NZ is going to the World Cupimage

    What: 6 miles hilly - was going to try for a bit of faster stuff, but decided stupid putting the cart before the horse. Need to get fit again.

    Good running everyone.

  • Evening folks.

    alehouse - hope the hospital went well.

    Paddy / DD / Dustin - it's a joke, but then Delaney (head of the FAI DD) is renowned for being a muppet anyway. Glad to see the general feeling is the same that side of the pond as here. It's making us into a laughing stock.

    Arclight - what about mixing it up (as in a 5 day, 6 day, repeat) just to keep the body guessing?

    mava - hope the results give an answer either way.

    Moraghan - I'm tempted by a bit of track next summer. May even go as low in distance as 1500, so if I do I'll have to pick your brains.

    Nice chickadee. Enjoy the party.

    What update: turbo was 90mins gentle - aim was to keep a cadence of 90 without having to put too much effort in and to spend some time in the saddle (familiarisation with a sore ar$e and rhythm I guess).
    Run was 12m with 8m @ 80% in the middle.

    Tomorrow will be an easy day.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Hey up sports fans

    IM WA is this weekend which means it'll start sometime in the evening evening (GMT), LMHs number is 1239 and there should be an athlete tracker somewhere on here

    keep living the dream

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    its on Saturday - so starts Friday evening (GMT)
  • Evening All,

    NZC:  I see Kim Smith is down to run VLM.  Should be interesting.

    • What:  5k
    • Why:  Running 101
    • Last Hard:  Agreeing a "return to work plan" with occupational health.  I'm having enough trouble with my return to training plan. 
    • Last Rest:  26/11

    Have a good one!

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Moraghan, I thought you might be a bit heavier than me, something to do with those size 12s. I'll bet you've also got a raking stride*, I scuttle along like like demented crustacian.

    * Somewhere I've got a sideways picture of Steve Ovett in full flow. He's awesome. I always imagine myself running like that until I glance sideways into a shop windowimage
  • Arclight - nothing could be further from the truth unfortunately.  I'm nearly 6ft 2" and my knees have never got anywhere near the height of my waist.  My flexibility is appalling so I look a bit like Benny Hill when I run - or to be kinder, one of the Japanese female marathon runners.  I know what you mean though - I've felt like Steve Ovett on plenty of occasions.

    I'm doing drills 2 - 3 times a week in the hope it improves.

  • Moraghan, Yes, but normaly my first mile is between 6:45 and 7:00, so depending on how I feel and how fast I'm doing dictates how hard I run. Today appears to be mty fastest training run on that route for this year.
    However I do tend to over do it at the start of races and need to learn a bit of self control.
  • Evening

    Not posted for a few days work, acting like a Zombie and not sleeping terribly well

    But now off for a week so i can sleep hopefully run a bit, eat, my eating pattern has been totally mucked up

    Arclight - Hope you don't look back at the end of races a la Ovett, as much as i loved the man this was one pet hate of mine and wouldbe forever yelling at the tv. Possibly showboating but ...

    Did manage runs yesterday 2.05 miles and 1.44 only tiddlers but they'll do trying to run everyday in December even if its for a mile. But at least i know for the next 6-7 days i can get some decent running in and  only 6 more nights after that of these silly 4am finishes

  • Evening

    What: swim test - I swam d&d
    hill session - PAIN
    legs at the gym - MORE PAIN
    Why: I love training
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: Monday 23rd November.

    Just done my highest amount of running in a 5 day period so having a day off running tomorrow. This week will most likely be my 2nd highest week since returning to training.(Around 35 miles) Small steps.
  • Crikey Gobi. You sure love training! Pleased for you though.

    Me tonight...
    Similar sprint hill reps to last Thursday. Walk back recoveries. Just that bit harder than last week though, as there was one more rep - and that was the middle sized hill (Mummy Bear). P says he's making it progressively harder each week. I fervently hope that next time doesn't bring an extra Daddy Bear hill. Two of them one after another just about finishes me off as it is.

    Bloody freezing.

    Continuous with just walk back recoveries.
    2 x 80m
    2 x 120m
    2 x 80m
    2 x 120m
    2 x 180m
    plus 1 x 80m as an extra treat added on to the end when your legs are swimming in lactic and your last meal is about to make a re-appearance. Dry heaving also an option.

    Acksherly (as those in the know would expect) that final short hill is...
    pretty damn nice! My legs started - err - flowing on the final 30 metres. Stride lengthened. It was easy! MAGIC.

    I aint 'alf knackered now though.

    Quite pleased with myself. Only girl there amongst 8 blokes, all except P. much younger than me. I was last on almost every rep. But I did the lot them and was a only respectable distance behind. Proud!

    2 mile downhill walk to Pilates tomorrow. I will get a lift back though. Need to keep a bit in reserve for the Massive Challenge of the Saturday run. One and a half miles at some sort of snailio pace.

  • evening

    busy day, little time to post

    what: 5.5 miles at work in 43:24 , lunchtime
    why: all there was time for

    night night

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Pammie, the closest I ever got to show boating was the time I committed the unforgivable sin of jogging back down the course after a road race. After I'd turned round and started to jog back to the finish I got a round of applause from the spectatators. I assume they'd taken one look at me and decidedd that was the best pace on old man like me could manage!!
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Sharkie're an absolute star (says he at the risk of repeating himself yet again)
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