Why so expensive?



  • Against my better judgement I've just paid out £40 to enter the Edinburgh Marathon. This seems hellishly expensive to me but I do want to do the race. Maybe there is some justification for charging such high entry fees but it just seems like a commercial organisation out to make as much money as it can. The entry fee for more low key events (with far fewer runners) is more like £20. And then there's the fact that if you pull out you stand to receive no refund or transferred entry to the following year. Should we just say no?

  • image £50 quid to go watch Chelsea play, makes our sport look cheap.  image

    I've read this thread with interest.  We're in the process of organising a triathlon to raise some money for a local charity and I have to say it's been the biggest headache in the world and is proving to be very costly.

    What you also don't see is the hours and hours of time and negotiation and too-ing and fro-ing and begging and sleepless nights and logistics of stuff to organise an event that may last for 4 hours for 300 people. 

    I get very tired listening to people moaning about entry costs.  It's been said a gazillion times before.  Just don't enter them.

  • I have a lot of admiration for runners or charities who are organising races for runners and I should expect to pay a reasonable amount of money to enter these events. When a commercial organisation organises an event and charges what seems like an excessive amount of money something seems a bit wrong. Granted I don't have to enter but I should be able to expect some sort of  value for money or at least a justification of the high entry fee.
  • It's quite simple really if you don't like the costs then vote with your feet and take your business else where.  I turn up and time a *lot* of race and the conversations about the prices of chip timing will make the average runner choke.

     Chip timing means you dont get much change out of grand and thats just the tip of the iceburg, if you look at runing events there is that permit scheme that likes to follow up your event with couple of fingers in your sphicnter muscle.  Triathlon is no different

    First aid for a half marathon  this year  we paid just shy of £800

    £750 for the drinks and the nibbles on the course and in the goody bags

    Hiring two vans, £300 ( big sprinters)

    Royal Mail £300

    Finishers medals, engraved  £1500

    and we do it properly, you can cut corners you can go light but we found, charge a fair price and put on a cracking event! =  happy customers

     even still after 48 hours of being up and working without a real break, stil people complain that the mile markers dont match their garmin and that the tunnel ( which we advertise as part of the course) was to dark!

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