I won my category in a race yesterday......BUT...

I was the only one in the LV40 category!


  • Your competitors were obviously scared away by your presence image
  • enjoy the win.just because the others stayed in bed doesn't mean your not worth it.......

    I'm welsh veteran triathlon champion at middle distance............there were only 2 of us thereimage....I'm well chuffed with my trophyimage

  • So you were last in your category then. image
  • Agree with Seren - you turned up and put in the effort when others CBA. Well done you!
  • Well done Vicky. You gotta be in it to win it!

    Did you get a prize?


  • Hey, you can only beat the competition that shows up on the day. A victory won fair and square.

    (Kryten, go and sit on the naughty step)

  • I did beat a few non-veterans (men and women) though!
  • Yeah, well done. Doesn`t matter if you was the only one. You won. Now did you get a nice trophy.
  • Well done Vicky - you've gotta be in it to win it, so what if you were the only one

    Enjoy the glory image

  • TheraThera ✭✭✭

    Fantastic!! You were there on the day so well deserved. Enjoy your achievement.

    Muttley wrote (see)

    Hey, you can only beat the competition that shows up on the day. A victory won fair and square.

    (Kryten, go and sit on the naughty step)

    Yehhh Kryton......naughty boy...

  • Sorry!

    <sits on naughty step>


  • Congratulations!!  Well done and good for you for running.

    If it makes you feel any better, I won the prize for being the "best dressed female gorilla" at this year's Great Gorilla Run.  So you won a prize for being a good runner, who did at least turn up, I won a prize for being a hairy ape like creature!!!
  • Kryten wrote (see)


    <sits on naughty step>


    Kryten - i hope your butt freezes to the step and you end up with piles!

    Vicky - do you mind stepping aside and letting me enter next year? image

  • Forget that, i've just realised i come in the next category up image image
  • Well done Vicky, I've never won anything in my life. image
  • CB, always remember the golden rule. Its not the winning, its the taking part that counts.
  • A big part of winning is making it to the start line - you beat thousands of others who didn't make it that far!
  • You deserve the prize Vicky.  You were the first over the line in your age category. image
  • I found out today that I will be getting a prize as I was the 3rd lady veteran overall (there were other veterans, just not in my specific category!). Whoo!
  • What a star! image
  • Something to look forward to next year when I hit "that" age then. Just shows you that alot of wimmin over 40 aren't putting in the effort.  You are unique Vicky image so well done.


  • Well Vicky image

    I competed at an off road duathlon a few years back and although it was only 5/15/5ks long it was tough going for all but the young whipper snappers (me 55 next month) and I was pleased with my time of 1:45, However the lassie who won one class took nearly 3hrs or so. They were giving out the prizes as she was finishing but finish she did. If ever there was a reason to carry on that was it - the glory of winning and a trophy to prove it. The time is irrelevant, the trophy sitting for all to see and the self satisfaction of a great achievement is what counts.

    Technically I go up a group next year (at least I think I do) but knowing my luck they will move the goal posts image Giving 14 plus years in the male vets (40+) group can suck at times image. Still I have not been beaten/passed by a letterbox or a gorilla, not yet anyway but I think the bottle of Newcastle Brown beat me in the Paris marathon this year though!! image

  • Sorry should have said 'Well done Vicky' - trying to type whilst multi tasking at work image
  • my missus won her a/g at Ironman France in 2008 - as a result she could have gone to the World Champs in Kona that Autumn but declined on the following

    a) she was the only one in her a/g so felt she qualified through being the only one to enter and hadn't "won" her a/g

    b) she didn't want to go to Kona despite a lot of people telling her she should - it would have also been an expense that we didn't need or had planned for

    she got more satisfaction knowing that she was the oldest female racing that day and finished well ahead of many younger competitors - male and female.

    the prize is proudly displayed but she still contends she didn't "win" anything that day - she would have been much happier to have some competition to test herself against

  • I don't think I'd have qualified for any world championships onthe basis of my performance!
  • Try being a junior female...I win & loose every race I enter only they don't always bother with a prize as they don't think any nutters like me will turn up!
  • fat budda - what a shame she wasn't able to go to Kona - these opportunities don't present themselves very often.

    Vicky - you can only beat those entered. Best way to see if you have done well is to put your time/age/distance into the Howard Grubb age-grade calculator which has the best times for your age then spits out your percentage. If you've done better than 80% pat yourself on the back. it will also tell you how fast you would have run if you were a young person.

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