Calling IT geeks

is to recommend a new computer for me.

My old desktop has died a death and I'm looking for a laptop/notebook to replace it. I'm currently using Mr Slugs ancient machine, it's very slow and has a hissy fit if I try to open more than 1 web page at a time, so research is proving to be a lengthy business. Plus the fact that I'm a total IT numpty so much of the stuff I have read makes little sense!  Hence my request.

What I want
14-15" screen. Minimum 1GB operating capacity. Preloaded with Windows 7 or Vista home premium. Able to load Office (for Excell) without slowing things down too much. Built in WiFi connectivity. It would be nice if it didn't burn holes in my legs when used on my lap. Might consider refurb but worried about lack of printed instructions because of aforementioned numptiness.

What I will use it for
Mainly web browsing (guess which site I use the most!). A few Word documents. Might watch the ocassional thing on I-player for instance. MS wants to be able to do his accounts when his machine dies (if I let him). Play basic games like solitaire, nothing fancy.

What I don't need
It doesn't need to be particularly portable as it will be mainly for home use, might stick it in the car when we go away but don't need to carry it around much. Don't need wizzy graphics but would like clear resolution as the eyesight is not what it was! Don't listen to much music via comp so sound doesn't need to be fantastic. Not bothered about webcam.

What I have looked at so far
The Acer AS5732Z seems to be fitting the bill - I think.

My budget
Maximum £350 but would really prefer to spend less than  £300 if possible.

Any suggestions?



  • Hace you considered one of the netbooks if your main use is to browse the web they might be a decent alternative, and are relatively cheaper than a full blown laptop.  Possible only problem might be the screen size.
  • Just bought the spog an Acer and it is super... Might just be on my wish list after Xmas

    and the HDMI output so you can use BBC I-Player etc direct onto th telly is brill

  • Yes, I've looked at the netbooks but many of them are only 10.5" screens, the ones I've seen with bigger screens tend to come in ataround the £350 mark (unless I've been looking in the wrong places).

    If nothing else, some advice regarding what specs I do or don't need would be helpful.

  • Boinging for the afternoon shift image
  • *sits in corner and watches*. Assuming I can't work out how to resurrect my c.2yr old Dell, I'm going to have to look for a replacement. Currently using an Acer Aspire 1 netbook but it's no solution long term - a. it's as slow as a three-legged tortoise, b. reading from that screen for too long will totally screw up my eyesight and c. you can't type properly on such a small keyboard.
  • I have brought from Ebuyer recently and I know these have good deals a swell Savastore

    If you can stretch to the limit of your budget it would be better as the lower end 'Value' laptops can be under powered and limited graphics wise. Whilst your requirements are met by nearly all those available on the market, it is a large investment to make only to find that it would have been nice to gone a bit higher price wise.

    I have 2 Acer laptops with their CineCrystal screen and they are excellent - imho image

  • Sorry, Dave, I missed your post. Which acer does your sprog have?

    Dollyg, thanks, that's the kind of advice I need image.

  • I'm trying to find the box.......  Has the CineCrystal screen

    Cost about 370 from Argos

  • If I was buying for me: 
    Windows 7 better than Vista
    More memory- I would look at 2GB (although I understand 7 is less resource intensive than Vista)

    Dell have offers at the moment
    I'm also a fan of their outlet store (refurb/customer return), but you will struggle to find anything with Win 7 loaded at this time

    Edit: If its mainly for home use, could you not keep the old monitor and use that with a netbook?

  • I'm very happy with my MSI netbook - but the screens not as big as you want.
  • FF, we really want to get rid of the 2nd computer desk which is why we're going for a laptop/netbook, therefore wouldn't really want to use the old monitor.
  • Slugsta - I've recently brought a HP/Compaq CQ71-230SA

    Its a 17" screen, Vista loaded (just got the windows 7 upgrade), 3GB Ram, dual core pentium with a decent speed, 250GB hard drive, With wireless, HD screen.  It not portable at all, but to me it's a home/desktop computer that I can use sitting where ever I want. I paid about £450, but I know that they do a very similar version with a smaller screen for quite a saving.  One big upside for me is that the 17" is so wide they have room for a seperate number pad to the side of the keyboard (don't see that on many laptopsand it's realy good when you are entering a lot of numbers)  Only downside I find is that the battery isn't great so I end up with it plugged in most of the time.

  • Getting error messages about netbook memory now so new memory card as well as new laptop. 

    "Dear Father Christmas..................................................."

  • Well, the deed is done and I've bought an acer, thanks for you input image
  • Which one did you get Slugsta?
  • acer 5532, still came in at £400+ by the time we'd bought 'Office' (as Mr Slug's version is archaic).
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