first timer seeks accommodation advice

Not done the London Marathon before and would like some advice on accommodation for the race. I live in the East Midlands & think travelling down on the day is going to be too much to do.

Where is the best place to stay?
What sort of prices are the norm?
Are there any special packages out there that can be recomended?
My mate lives in Bromely - would that be too far to travel (not sure on local trains at that time of the morning?)



  • You should be OK from Bromley - I think trains from there go into London Bridge, and it's not far. 

    Check the times, though - timetables are on the web.

    Otherwise, there are thousands (literally thousands) of hotels of all sizes, standards and prices - and a lot of hotel-finder websites to help you find one.

    (and yes, travelling from the Midlands on the day of the race would not work).

  • knight rider wrote (see)
    Not done the London Marathon before and would like some advice on accommodation for the race. I live in the East Midlands & think travelling down on the day is going to be too much to do.

    What you need to keep in mind also is you need to attend the Marathon Expo one day from the 21st to the 24th April to pick up your number and chip. That stuff doesn't get posted to you. So you need to be in London before the Sunday anyway. This is why a lot of people travel to London on Saturday, go to the expo and then stay over night Saturday for a nice and early start on Sunday.

    Personally I'm travelling down on the Saturday morning, going to the expo, then going to my  hotel. I've also opted to stay over on Sunday night too so I don't have to travel home the same day but that's just personal preference really.

    But I would certainly avoid travelling down from the midlands on sunday morning. It would be a mad rush and I'm not even sure you'd make it to the start in time. Infact I'm not even sure the trains start until 8.30am on Sunday from New Street to London.

  • Thanks for the advice.

    I forgot about the Expo part.

    Are there any Budget hotels, like Premier lodge near by?

  • knight rider wrote (see)

    Are there any Budget hotels, like Premier lodge near by?

    Near the start, near the finish or near the Expo?

    It really can be a PITA the day before as the Expo is (relatively speaking) in the back end of nowhere and sucks up such a lot of time on Saturday getting there and back to your hotel. It's certainly not ideal to be on your feet for such a large part of the day when preferably you'd be better off sitting with your feet up. However there's no getting around it unless you get someone to pick up your number on your behalf or go on Friday and then spend Saturday chilling.

  • Do they allow others to pick up your number? I thought they required you to sign a form before they issue you with the number, some sort of health agreement or something. Maybe I misread that.

    I'm staying in a hotel at Canary Wharf which isn't too bad for the expo and the start. Might be a bit of a mare to get back there at the end tho. image

  • Matchstick - hotel near the start - don't want to be hassled traveling too far on the Sunday morning.

    Good advice on the Expo, whereabouts roughly is it?

    I might go on Friday to the Expo & stay with my mate that night & then chill Saturday & stay at a hotel near the start.

  • expo = London Excel

    Your idea about getting there on Friday is very good. As for hotels near the start - good luck!

  • It's at the Excel.

    <link removed because it ended up really long and couldn't be clicked> 

    Sounds like a plan. Book hotel as soon as you can, they will already be close to sold out if not sold out.

  • Matchstick Man - I stay in London quite a lot and the tube will get you around without too much time on your feet so don't worry. I'm staying out near the M25 at Waltham Abbey (Premier Inn £50/night) Its a 5 minute drive to Loughton station which has parking for about £2/day (£1 on weekends) and your straight on the tube change at Stratford for the DLR which goes to Excel on the Saturday and Cutty Sark for the start on Sunday.



  • I think i'll phone my mate tonight & see if he can put me up & drop me off Sunday am.

    just had a look on google map & Bromley looks very close to Black Heath. 

  • There is a local school's PTA that does B&B in people's homes for £40 the night before. They put on a pasta party in the school the night before too, and the places to stay are all in Blackheath so easy enough to stroll to the start. The number's been posted on here several times before but if you can's find it PM me and I'll have a look on our club's website cos it's definitely on there somewhere.
  • Has anyone stayed in the Holiday Inn Express at earls Court.

    It's only a couple of stops from the Embankment for the missus to watch and also to get the tube from Charing Cross to get to the start.

  • Stayed there for an exhibition its okay and handy centrally.

    Has anyone stayed at the london airport hotel just along from the expo? Might be a bit noisy perhaps?


  • I've booked onto a bus trip Fri- Mon. They take you to the expo & to the start. The hotel is right by the finish & by booking this way was cheaper than most hotels alone! Just googled London Marathon tours or trips?
  • I've booked myself into two different Premier Inn's on Fri/Sat night. One night was £60 and then the other was £100 - bargin for London marathon weekend!

    Friday night I'll be staying at the Excel one so if I get there before closing on Friday then it's a bonus and if not I'll be one of the first in on Sat morning.

    The Sat night I'm staying near Tower Bridge. My charity is having their pre-race pasta party nearby and then it's not too difficult to get to the start line on the day.  

    Sunday night I will have to barve the train home as I'm not made of money to stay a 3rd night!

    There is no hotels near the startline now unless you have a limitless budget.

  • I live in Bromley, you can get the 208 bus to Lewisham station which only takes 20 minutes and then it is just a 10 minute walk up the hill to the start

  • Cheers Harvey, spoke to may mate & hopefully can crash at his place. I was looking at the trains & there's 2 changes I think from Bromley to Lewisham. I used to see how far from Lewisham & yeah about 10 minutes looks about right.

    I think a direct bus ride will probably be better - do they run at about 7.30 ish on a Sunday mroning though? 

  • My girlfriend will be dropping me off so your more than welcome to catch a lift
  • That's very kind of you offer Harvey.  I am seeing my mate over Xmas & wil try & twist his arm to drop me off as well. He has got young kids so will be up early anyway-fingers crossed!

    If that fails I might take you up on your offer.

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