advice needed for half marathon training

Am doing my 4th half marathon in edinburgh at end of April.  Usually have my training worked out well but this time I'll be in Australia for a month from late feb to late march so will have just 4 wks when I get back to do my longer runs.

Really not good running in the heat and the most I'm expecting to do in oz is 5/6 miles.  Is it worth doing some longer runs before I go in Feb (can't  really see this will help so far in advance) or just do regular 5/6 miles over there and pump out the miles when I get back?

I'm a 'senior' so not looking for pb's just enjoy the race and get to the end without walking!!


  • run at night ?

    last resort run indoors......

  • Take your trainers with you to Oz, I went last year for a month, there are some amazing places to run, dont worry about the heat, run early in the morning, where abouts are you going?
  • The plan is to run as much as possible in oz (did it this year and round some lovely runs) but I know I shan't do more than 5/6 miles.  My worry is getting to the higher mileage needed in the 3/4 weeks before the half when I get back

    Or should I just stop worrrying! I know I can do the distance even if its really slow at the end! 

  • If you are worried about heat, then plan to run early morning. Feb/Apr in Oz is quite good temp. wise (depends on where you are), but obviously a lot hotter than in the UK!

    I go to Singapore a couple of times a year - really hot and humid - and I usually start my run around 6am and manage about 10miles before hotted out. Will be there in 10 days for Christmas and will be doing the old routine. I have a half in Feb to contend (I'm a VET!), and also not concern with time but to get round in a resonably comfortable state.

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