Who's still getting their legs out?

I run in shorts all year round as legs never seem to feel the cold, but last couple of runs I havn't seen anyone else with their legs out.................is there anymore hardy (foolish) like minded souls out there?



  • Not bloody likely!! I wear 3/4 bottoms unless the sun is shining which is next to never in my neck of the woods.

    If I can even be bothered at the moment then it's full leggings all the way.

    Wimpy and proud! image
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Legs out and a tshirt, I do however wear a hat and gloves sometimes
  • I wear shorts all year round. For some reason, my legs don't get cold. Upper body does, so I will wear a gillet once it starts to get properly cold. Will wear a jacket if there's heavy rain. I always wear a cap, summer and winter.
  • Shorts here all year round, hat gloves jacket sometimes but always shortsimageimage
  • same as most of the other guys here shorts all year round, jacket for rain but was out 2day in shorts and t-shirt, did have a hat on though.

  • Shorts for me too. I don't know why people need leggings in our climate. If you are cold you just aren't making enough effort !
  • I wore proper short, running shorts and a t-shirt last night whilst I was doing 400m repeats at the track.  The temperature was below freezing. image
  • I've been wearing tights since October!!!!!
  • 3/4 all year.

    Yesterday went out in 3/4's, long sleeve top, jacket and gloves. Longs and hat on standby ... and that's during the day, don't run at night, too cold image

  • Shorts in winter are for manly men, tights are for girly girls. Except that Ron Hill trackster wearers are also manly men image
  • Shorts - yes, jacket - probably if likely to rain, gloves - never, hat - if it gets a bit below zero
  • It must be partly in the mind - in sunshine I'm ok with bare legs down to about freezing, but I like to wear a bit more after dark once it's about +8*.
  • I have a confession to make - I wore a pair of tights last week (it wasn't even that cold!).

    However it was due to all other kit having been in the wash due to just normal dirt, or because of the total hammer ing it took through the thigh deep cow-poo/mud/water on my off-road run.

    I felt so ashamed of myself I resurrected some really old kit, assigned to the scrap heap, but not actually thrown away, for my subsequent runs until other kit was washed. So normal service of short shorts all eyar has been resumed.

    I don't know what it is, but I just hate running with stuff on my legs! My legs never seem to feel the cold, even in knee high snow, but I've got to wear gloves even when it's only mild out.

  • Still wearing shorts! and plan to throughout winter!  So far have managed to get away with normal long sleeve tops.

    Only once have had to wear my special base layer reserved for real cold temp  (North Face, 100% merino wool, with thumb holes) it must have been about 5C max that day. Legs dont seem to get cold...

    Yep hardcore all the way ! image

  • legs all the way for me.The look that people give you on a sharp winter morning is priceless.
    Brad Robinson 2 wrote (see)
    legs all the way for me.The look that people give you on a sharp winter morning is priceless.
    Thats so true! Especially when passers by are wrapped up in thier winter coats, scarfs, gloves, hats and ear muffs image

    The men try not to look at you as they feel wimpish, the women either look at you in disbelief or are impressed as they must think you are really hard!
  • I normally run early mornings, 5.30ish and its sometimes a little chilly to start of with but ok after a mile or so.

     A couple of weeks ago when we had all the wind it was still around 10 -15 degree here in the SE . I was out running in my shorts and t-shirt when I saw the guy running towards me. He was wearing tights, jacket, gloves and a wooly hat. He must have been boiling image as it was so mild. 

    I'm not the only early riser round my way who wears shorts in the winter, so does our local milkmanimage 

  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭

    I wear 3/4 all year round. Like most people my legs never feel the cold even when I'm having to wrap up the top half as it's so bloody freezing.

    I did try wearing shorts in the summer but being a young female (and I'm not flattering myself here!), I got fed up with all the pervy men either beeping horns or shouting things.

  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭
    Yeah I can't stand being too hot during a run, I'd rather freeze for the first 10-15 mins then boil for the rest of the run.
  • I'm obviously not as manly as a lot of you.  I draw the line at about 5°. 

  •  I KNOW!

    We are just too hot D2D, if I had time to look back whilst running I'd swear I leave a trail of steam behind me image 

    Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    I can't understand these runners all wrapped up against the elements.

    I get SO hot when I run. Gloves/hat/buff? Think I'd probably faint!

    They clearly aren't going fast enough image

  • But I'm cold in the house with the heating on and a big fleece. Hope to be able to run fast enough one day to feel too hot  - atm I feel nice and warm when running and I like it image
  • i ran with tracky trousers at any time of the year.

    I ran the potters half this year with trousers and people kept saying they didnt know how i managed it as is was scortching

    (nearly passed out when i finished tho!!!)

    when training in hot or cold i need a hat on for some reason, just a thicker one when its cold!

  • used to use shorts all year 'round but as i am older I am now wearing trackie botties.
  • I stick my head out the door before each run, which in the week is about 5:15AM so this week especially has literally been freezing!!image

    If I need the tights theyre going on no hastle or qualms here!!image

  • I've got poor circulation in my limbs so I need tights and sleeves.
    Yes my body gets hot when I run, but my fingers toes legs and arms are always frozen.

    No matter how much effort I put.
  • TurboElli wrote (see)
    I've got poor circulation in my limbs so I need tights and sleeves. Yes my body gets hot when I run, but my fingers toes legs and arms are always frozen. No matter how much effort I put.

    Yup, me too.

    I am diabetic, which means my extremities get very cold, very quickly, hands and fingers are regularly purple!!!.

    Got nothing to do with "working hard enough" or "being hard", if you get cold, you get cold, pointless not staying warm if you can, and need too.

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