How have your 10k times improved?



  • I did my first 10K in 2006, not really taking running very seriously until about a year or so later. My first 10K was 1:06 something, then the year after 1:00:06 (gutted!!) followed by 58:00 the year after.

    This year I was marathon training when I did another 10K and brought my PB down to 54:12, which I was really pleased with. 

    (I'm female, 5'4" and nearly 30)

  • Hi Jay

     I'm 38 and started running in June, having played an occasional game of squash beforehand.  My first 10k in September was 55.25 and I was very please to drop that to 53.11 in October.  The big surprise came, however, in November when I clocked 49.45 on a course renowned for PBs (no it's not all downhill..!) which I was absolutely thrilled with.  For me, knowing how to pace myself was critical - ie not flying off at the start and paying the price later.

     Good luck

  • Been running about 3½ years, just hitting 42 (years). First 10K times were in the 48mins area. I did a 42:43 earlier this year on the flat and am regularly hitting 43:00 on a hilly course whilst doing tempo runs.  I think it's just a question of finding somewhere flat to run to beat the PB. Would like to think sub 40 is possible this year, although focus point is marathons.
  • 10k PB on saturday 5 years to the day I did my first one...

    41:36 in my first one and 37:43 on saturday.

    I got it down to sub 40 on my 4th 10k but have about 6 times around the 39(39:53,39:55,39:56,39:19,39:05 and 39 unofficial) mark.I thought I was never going to beat it!

    Quite injury prone so unfortunately never got going as much as I've wanted. Would be hoping for 36 odd in the coming year but we'll see...

  • 20 year old runner, was always quite into sports but stopped whenever went to university etc but only noticed when really struggled to walk dog up Slieve Donard mountain (Northern Ireland) how my fitness had really gone. Then when watching Great North Run 2008 (on t.v of course) how i would love to do that.

    Since then...

    First 10k- 15 March 2009- 52.10

    Bupa Great North Run 2009- 1.44.04

    Last 10k- 5 December 2009- 40.12

    Just can't get enough running now and aim to break 40mins in the 10k where I started.image

  • Sounds like you have got the bug - i am forty two and started running to lose weight back in march this year have shed a stone in weight now and am feeling better for it.  It is strange how addictive it can be to beat your last race time and i definately think that runners are a particular type of person although I am not a competitive person in the workplac,. I really get a buzz out of challenging myself and doing new and different things.  40mins for a 10k seems like a challenge to me as the last one I did back in September I did in one hour eight minutes it sounds like your doing great , all the best to you !
  • Did the 10k in London 2006 in a time of 50:02 with very little training.

    then last year got an entry to the London marathon and did my first 10k in 46:06.

    This summer been ticking over with 7 mile runs and managed the Hampton Court Cancer run in 44:20. Then the Wimbldon Audi in 46:40 when someone decided to put Wimbledon hill in the middle !! Then returned to the flat and quick Beddington Park 10k recently and popped in a PB at 42:59 !!!!! 

    Next up the Tadworth 10 mile and the Perch !!! 

  • My 10k times have just got worse.  My first (last year) - a flat course, I did 53.11.  A couple of months later I did a hilly race in 54.38.  This year I managed a sub 40min 5mile and then screwed up in the only 10k I ran - getting over 56 minutes.

    Still run, still enjoy it, just can't get it together for races reliably!

  • My first ever race was a 10k, run in May 2008 when I was 50. My time was 58:46.  My most recent 10k was last Sunday and I set a new PB of 49:32, which was my first time sub-50 so I was pretty pleased. 

     Funny thing is, when I ran that first race at just under 10 min/mile I couldn't imagine being able to go much faster, I was very chuffed just to finish, let alone finish in under an hour. Then when I did a 9 min/mile time I couldn't imagine ever being able to go much faster than that. Now I've just done an 8 min/mile time and I can't believe I could go any faster than that!  But judging by some of the times some "more mature" runners on this thread have posted, you never know!!

  • I started running again (after a break of way too many years) in February, with my first 10k race in May. I'd set the goal of clocking in under 45 minutes, and managed a race time of 44:59. (It took over a minute to cross the start line according to the chip time results, so I wasn't cutting it quite as fine as it looks!)

    After that, I caught the bug and kept on going in for races and improving my times gradually. I got closer and closer to the 40-minute mark and desperately wanted to get sub-40 before the end of the year.

    Two weeks ago at the Eynsham 10k I knocked my PB down to 40:20. Then, last weekend at the Andy Reading 10k, I clocked in at 38:46 on the chip time. So, next year I'm going for sub-36 or broke...

  • I started off by doing a 10k run 4 weeks after Id stoppped smoking in 52mins and managed to get it down to do 40:38 in 7 months so you should be fine Id have thought!
  • nov 2007 - 54:09 (first ever race, been running for 2 months)
    mar 2008 - 49:08
    may 2008 - 50:37
    nov 2008 - 46:21 (joined a club in the august and it paid dividends !!)
    apr 2009 - 45:10
    apr 2009 - 44:56 (first sub 45 !!!!!)
    nov 2009 - 44:09

    exactly 10mins off in 2 years.

    next 10k isnt planned until april next year but with the way trainign has been going im expecting a sub 44 and dont think im a million miles from going very close to sub 43.

  •  31, female and

    1st ever 10k was May 09   - 55.54 [running since Jan 09]

    June 09 - 53.18 [injured]

    July 09 -50.14

    Aug 09 - 45.07


    October 09 - 44.40 [dead chuffed with that one as I wanted to do under 45 mins before the end of this year image] -also, this run was done with virtually no training and I was 2 weeks back from my holibobs [where I ate and dranks tons!}

    I'm currently training for 1/2 marathon but I'd like to do my next 10k in under 40 mins [though I'm wondering if thats a touch too ambitious?]

  • 31 Male

    1st ever 10k was Dec 09 - 36:58

    I'm a cyclist who has been running for about 5 weeks as cross training during the winter period.  I entered the Ribble Valley 10km for fun and was hoping to get around in about 45 mins.   I'm now wondering whether I should bother with the biking and focus on getting my 10k time sub 36. 

     I did not enjoy the 10k because I set off way to fast and covered the first km in 3:20.   I then spent the next 5km trying to recover.  Can anyone advise me on a good schedule for a 35 min 10km. Thanks

  • 33 Male

     First 10K race Feb 09 35.53, suprised myself although I was hoping to go under or around 38, trained for about 5weeks with that. Finished with a 35.33 PB for last year, first year of running, so hoping to get quicker. To improve my time I just trained and run alot more consistently, fartlek sessions definately helped me. As for pacing yourself, my race is always the same. Just go for it and hang in there. I advise people to listen to PhilPub though, he is a serious runner, great times and trains and advises to train sensibly. Saying that when I did listen to him I got injured 2 weeks before my first matrathon!!

  • Thanks Pele.  I think its time to go to my local running club for speed sessions.  Good luck next year
  • Interesting accounts onthis thread.

    Phil, you went from 40mins to 36mins in less than a year?!

    Was that all from marathon training, 60-70miles a week average, or with intense speedwork as well?

    Two fellas doing their first 10ks in 35-36mins, I presume you did years of sport before that, and didn't just roll out of bed one day do a few runs and be able to run that pace?

    Baz , 31 1/2min 10k. I know a guy who did about a minute quicker at his peak, and he was doing probably about 80-100miles a week, and not just that but intense speedwork sessions included.

    I'm imagining your situation was similar?

    I started with a casual 41:45 back when I was more a footballer than a runner, and the year later on a particularly on form day hit a 38:27 which took years to beat.

    Now at 28 I've hit a 37:18 on a 10k course with a 1k hill, so probably would threaten sub 37 on a flat course.

    But think the training of 50miles a week made up of 11 sessions between 3 and 6 miles needs a bit of looking at, in order to go down the time scales.

  • Stevie G - I was also a footballer, so I did have a base fitness, but learnt early on that running is a different sport altogether. I would definately agree with most people on here about the more miles you put in the better you will run. For example before I blew up two weeks before my first attempted marathon, I was running about 40 miles a week for about 3 weeks to a month, I ran a 10K on my own as part of my trainng and just to see what I could do. It had a few hills in as well, and managed 37minute smack on, and had loads left. So on that basis I would say the harder you train, including speed work, the quicker you will run.
  • Stevie G - Mountain biking and Road cycling is my base fitness.  I race for 2-3hrs on a regular basis during the year. I did athletics as a kid for several years so I have good running technique (or so I'm told).

    I've been running approx 20 miles per week mainly steady since start of Nov. (This includes fell running).  Also I've been riding my bike 2-3 times per week.  I'm doing a half marathon in two weeks and I was told to get a fast 10km in four weeks before the event.  I'm aiming to run at 7 min schedule.  Bet i go off too fast image  .

  • Spleigh, if you've done a sub 37min 10k then i'd say it'll be very tough for you to keep to a comparatively pedestrian 7min miling, and thus get a 1hr 31.

     Although it depends if that 10k was done on your current 20miles a week. And I suppose how intensely the 2-3 bike rides are done and distances involved.

    White Pele - good logic. My training is a bit rubbish I oftne think, I tend to do 95% of my sessions in no man's land, not speedwork, and not slow long runs, so all the runs are fairly hard, so by sheer volume of training gets me down to 2930 5miler, 37min 10k and 1hr 23 half, but with a few tweaks can no doubt do better.

    And what better time than a new year to add these tweaks!

  • Stevie- Thanks for advice.  I try to go for around 1hr 25mins then. Looks like I'm similar standard to you over 10k.  May as well have a go over half. 

    The furthest I have ever run in 1 week is 22 miles.

    My bike rides are 2 x 30 mile intensive interal turbo sessions (indoors) and one steady 60 -70 miles on Saturday.  My running is 7 mile on Mondays and 9 - 12 mile runs on Wednesday.  They average about 6:50/mile pace.

    I suppose I need to do more races to learn how to pace myself.  Good luck in new year.

  • Spleigh, without putting to much pressure on you I reckon you will go under 1.25, I'd say aim for 1.23, you'll probably beat that. As for pacing a half marathon, the only two I have done to date, is basically to go off fairly quickly, by my results you will want to be hitting 10k at about 41-42 minutes. The race will go quicker than what you think, with the training you have done that will be more than enough to see you home at 1.23. I have two half marathons under my belt, first was 1.20.36, second was Hastings which by all accounts is a toughie, I came in at 1.19.33. That was on similar mileage to you. If I up my mileage I know like you that my time will be at least two minutes quicker. All this and I have only been running a year, so probably take no notice!!
  • Thanks Pele. Sounds like you're a strong runner and they are quick times. Good stuff.

    Using your advice I will aim for 6:30 mins/mile which is 20 seconds quicker than training pace. That should be realistic.  Think I'm getting the running bug.

  • get in their Spleigh, let us know how you go with it. I have a niggling injury at the moment, first run the other day for over 2 months, and I think its come back, no tbest pleased. Just train sensibly, thats the best advice I can give you.
  • Fast times seem to come easy to you fellas so good luck with the racing.

     Was pleased today to be able to do a 10miler now that the roads are decent again! It re-assured me I might be in the right ball park to be close  to a 1:22:53 half marathon done last March, as did the 10miles in under 1hr 08, so if I'd done 3miles more at a slower 7mins a mile that'd still be sub 1hr 29.

    You can't legislate for the effect race day can have on you when something is riding on it!

    That's 7 weeks away though, so hopefully  a good few more long runs should help!

  • Stevie G, thats good running, and I agree that you can't always legislate for what effect race day can have, but in my limited experience, with the 7 races I have now run, I have been quicker than what I thought.
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