Do you get nervous before your 18 or 20 milers?

Got my first of 2 20 milers tomorrow. Feeling a bit edgy.

 You know the rule of thumb about marathons - that if you can do 18 or 20 in training then you can do the 26.2.

Well I'm thinking - what if it all goes Pete Tong tomorrow morning?

It didn't last year but then my longest was 18.

Looking for a bit of reassurance that pre long run nerves are normal.


  • That sounds pretty normal - edgy is perfect!  I'm the same when tackling a long run I haven't done before - or for a long time.  All the best.
  • Thanks Moraghan.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    No. Likewise, when I'm fit I can breeze through a threshold runimage

    But I crap myself before I do an interval sessionimage
  • I get more than nervous - I get quite anxious.

    But once the first couple of miles are out of the way you generally know if you're going to have a good day or not.

  • There was a time when I would get nervous before a long run, but just like anything else in life the moer often you do something the easier it gets, I actually look forward to long runs now, its a chance to have a chat with my mates.

    However just like Arclight above I get very nervous about interval sessions and will I be able to maintain the required pace through all the reps etc, its horses for courses!

  • Probably a bit late for advice now, but a bit of adrenaline shouldn't do you any harm on your run - you'll soon run it off. Just make sure it doesn't make you go too fast at the start.
  • Same as Dave and Arklight, no nerves for a long run but yes for faster sessions, though it's not so much nerves as anticipation of pain/breathlessness.

    On a twenty mile lsr you just get tired and bored.

  • OK 20 miler done and dusted!

    Radio 4 to listen to made it bearable and not dull at all.

     I don't do intervals. I did try joining a running club but late nights at school made it tricky to get there on time.

    Did a marathon last Jan - doing Goofy this year. Chose a slightly more advanced schedule (last year's LRs were 18) to help with the back to back.

    Was feeling edgy as I feel I am slightly heavier this year and wondered what impact that might have. Judging by today - doesn't matter at all.

     Good times!

    Thanks for the input folks. Just gotta do it all again in a fortnight.

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