Friday Session

A first for me

What : Nothing
Why : its Blue Knees' 39th and Blue Kness junior's second birthday
Last hard day : 1 day
Last rest Day : 2 days

Great new site, and lots of old and new faces. Cheers to you all


  • Humm - I thought I'd be first.

    what - 3 miles steady
    why - total to 15 mls for the week - on holiday Saturday for a week
    last rest - Wed
    last hard - same old story - shoulder
  • Apologies Mij but it is my birthday. I'm not a total waster, did 25 mitutes on the treadmill tonight at 15kmh
  • Rats and I thought I'd be first! Happy birthday blue knees.

    Yestrerday I did just over one hour steady in the evening (just under 8 miles) with new shoes (addidas). The shoes felt great, I can't believe I've never worn addidas before (No - I don't work for them). Also no significant new knee pain which was a bonus.

    Todays session: Rest of 45 minutes cycle.
    Why: have reduced run training to try and aid knee problem.
    Days since rest: 4
    Days since hard: 3

    Will have to try a two hour run this weekend if I am to retain any hope of completing marathon.
  • What: rest, teaching Body balance
    Why: Really do not have time (although, just realised spent around 40 minutes messing about on here when meant to be working, and could have run in that time. Can hear my daughter waking, so definite no no)
    Days since last hard: tuesday speed
    Days since last rest: Sunday
  • what: hour and a half gym sesssion, while the kids are in the creche......sanity break or excercise, you decide?
  • Good point BK - happy birthday
  • What:1hr 10mins run last night (very humid)
    Why: Trying to increase time on legs.
    10k at begining of September doesn't seen so scary now I now I can at least run it, might be a bit slow, but it will be a PB none the less.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE KNEES (Chocolate or fruit cake ?)

    What : Maybe 20 minute slow jog maybe not
    Why : long run last night + impending 21k race on Sunday so don't want to overdo it.

    Last Rest : Monday
  • Happy Birthday, Blue Knees. We'll be watching to see whether you're 39 again this time next year.

    What: Probably very little.

    Why: Sole custody of 11-year-old daughter, aka Kevin the Teenager, who is communicating in zoological noises only at the moment for obscure teenage reasons. If she decides to be awkward, I'll be stuck in the house trying to pretend that ironing is aerobic exercise.

    Last hard day: Sunday.

    Last rest day: Yesterday. And Wednesday.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Happy birthday blue knees.

    I suppose, V-rap, if you iron hard enough and breath a lot? Don't know, never had daughters.

    At any rate:

    What: 3m, variable speed (fast 10 steps, slow 10, fast 20, slow 20, on up to 60 each and back down). Jog out, and ran steady home. Pool exercises, but no lane swimming today - pool to busy with local tri.
    Why: Cause it's fun. Did it for the first time yesterday. This time the glue held - didn't fall apart at the hips.

    Got cleared by GP for the tri 22 Sept, and the half 20 October. (see beginners bit) No excuses any more.

    Would it amuse anyone to try and draft a three month half training schedule for a past cripple? Suggestions welcome.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Why is it that sweet children morph into monsters seemingly overnight when they hit puberty? Partner's nieces just about to enter this zone: definitely puts me off having any!!

    What - Nothing! Friday rest day!
    Why - 'Cos it's been a long week and I've earned it!
    Last hard - Yesterday (4 miles, attempting to build up mileage gradually).
    Last rest - Wednesday.

    Happy birthday Blue Knees. Must say the photo is very fetching!
  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the site & have been lurking reading messages and realising there are others out there!
    My offspring are confined to barracks due to rain - they are currently constructing a tent under the dining room table.
    About to hop on treadmill to do a steady 40mins.The only option due to kids & weather.
    Last rest day: Mon.
    Not sure I do really hard days .....yet!

    Happy Birthday Blue Knees, being 39 has been a good year for me - 40 now approaches!
  • Welcome Mandy!

    Don't care what anybody says, if you are caged in with youngsters building tents under the dining room table, it is by definition a hard day!

    You'll find all sorts who report their "training" of all sorts here.

    Good luck!

    Marj - aka stickless
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday blue knees! I have to say the knees don't look a day over 38!

    Anyway today I'm doing nothing again.
    Why: because I'm racing 1/2m on Sunday and am kind of tapering the milage this week. Don't think I'm fit enough for a pb, but after injury and illness just want to feel up for this racing lark again.
    Last rest day: Wed
    Last hard day: Mon

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: Planned a 25-30min gentle run, but now I think I'll do a "Stickless" variable speed thingy.

    Why: It sounds fun, and I did 7.1 miles steady last night - longest run in ages!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Oh, forgot. Happy Biffday, BK.
  • Our "diabetic" dietitian reckons that ironing, and hanging out the washing, can be aerobic exercise, but I take that with 10 grams of sodium chloride since she also insists that you can put on weight because you're not eating enough. I think she's been sent by the Department of Health to sabotage my clinics.

    Mandy, count your blessings that your rugrats aren't using the treadmill as part of their tent.

    My day looks more hopeful now. "Kevin" overheard me talking about the Little Aston Road Race and has announced that she would like to have a go at the associated 2-mile fun run, which means she'll have to train, so can we pleeeeeeeaze jog to the leisure centre tonight and she promises she'll swim properly instead of messing about in the play pool.

    And tomorrow night Daddy comes home, having deposited the rest of the offspring with their Scottish grandparents for a fortnight, so I shall have no need to plead domestic responsibilities.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Many thanks to you all, you've given me a nice inner glow.

    Out of the office today but noticed how busy you've been on the fourms. I actually missed it

    V-rap, it dawned on me you didn't know who that e-mail was from yesterday. If you want the picture of the v-rap e-mail me and I'll send it to you
  • Err...wot e-mail, BK?

    Fink I'd better check me messages. Doh!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • What: nadda
    Why: me rest friday
    Days since last hard run: 1 (thursday)
    Days since last rest: 0 (today)

    Knackered after yesterdays track session, definitely can use a day off!

  • Got it, BK. Thanks, and yes please.

    Must go back and check whether I've been rudely ignoring anyone else.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I was wondering where this thread would end up on the new forum.

    Happy Birthday Blue Knees. Hope you have fun and that noone hung up vast amusing birthday banner congratulating you on the roundabout outside ASDA (that will be next year).

    Teenagers is theme of the week in my house too, since elder daughter turns 13 in 2 weeks. Have belatedly rushed off to buy books on teenagers at Waterstones. Anything else we should be doing by way of preparation? Vrap, do your relatives have space for anymore?

    Oh, running:
    What: 5 mile tempo run.
    Why: should have done this yesterday, but late home from work and due to the incessant rain it was too dark to get out when finally I had a slot at 9.15 pm.
    Last hard: tonight.
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • Teenagers indeed! I think all we parents can do is sit tight and have faith that in seven years' time they will have turned back into human beings.

    I'm planning to emigrate for the ten weeks in the spring of 2011 when all 4 of mine will be teenagers together, and particularly dreading the two little ones turning psycho because they're such nice kids now - at least No. 1 was born crotchety so not much has changed.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Laura L, which Asda are we talking about?

    Hilly, thanks but I'm afraid those aren't my knees. Mine look far worse than that. Good to see you've got you're picture up. Heard any thing of Geezer recently. I believe he's running Windsor.

    Dustin. I've got to be a fruit cake. See you Wednesday at Yateley
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi Blue Knees,
    I think Geezer has given up the challenge!

    All those with young teenagers out there, take heart, by 18 they return to being human. My eldest son is 18 and life is looking up! He was an absolute yuk young teenager but I quite like him again now!
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