hi i recently purchased 310xt running gps by garmin.

i downloaded all the right software but my ant + although it conects to the watch it does not download the info fron my runs.

any ideas


  • You say it connects to the watch, does it come up with any error messages when it tries to download?  Can you post up the messages on here?  Do you have the latest versions of any software?
  • Might be best to do a Force Send from the watch assuming you have paired correctly.
  • Say on watch 'tranfering data' and establishing connection followed with connection made but it never tranfers the data. just keeps going round and round followed by last connection failed with todays date and time.

    how fo yo do a forced send

  • You are holding down the reset button first aren't you?
  • Not talking to you as I want one!  And I am stuck with my 305!!

    Try the Garmin website, they have a good FAQ section.  They might help, sorry can not help more as the 305 connects via USB cable.

  • got latest software as its from website and ive reset it.

    I often prefer usb cable conections as they are less likley to go wrong

  • I have 310xt and it constantly fails to connect/upload,its latest trick is it cant evan find device to pair with. i HATE it. My run relaxes me and then Garmin wind me up! i am giving up on it back to nike+ on the iphone free and so much easier.


  • I've been using a 310XT for a couple of years and for some unknown reason I had problems over xmas with the ANT+ trying to do the upload and then reporting a failed transfer, possibly like you say, Nigel.

    One of my suspicions was that a corrupted data file on the watch was somehow bothering it. Plus I¨'ve had problems in the past when the memory filled up with runs on the 310 and with a corrupt file on a 110. So since all but the last run had been uploaded anyway, I first deleted all but the last month's runs from the watch. That didn't help. So I told it to delete all. That left two runs in the History that stubbornly would not disappear. ANT+ still reported an error when it attempted to upload every few minutes.

    I then googled factory reset and found instructions on garmin. (Note that this is different and more comprehensive than soft reset.) It solved the problem. Three or four runs since have stored fine and uploaded fine. The mystery undeletable runs of course disappeared with the factory reset. I still love my watch image

    The drawback is that you lose all user settings. I advise you to make a note of your heart rate or pace zones, data-field set-up for each screen and any custom autopause, footpod calibrations and the like, so you can set it up again as you are used to. Having said that I started from scratch and am happy simply with three data-screens now: one with time, pace, %HR, clock time, the second with 4 fields for interval sessions, the third with 1 field of %HR.

    PS here's the Garmin factory reset, but view it as the nuclear option.

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