I have a problem with my itb-I am considering using a Itb support band. Has anyone used one? do they work? do you have to cure it first before using this as a future prevention. Thanks in advancve.


  • In my professional opinion no, they don't work.

  • Siance - dont know if you would agree, but weak glutes and hip abductors can (I think) be a cause....or at least contribute to IT band problems. THerefore work on strengthening them, and lots of stretching.

    Non-professional opinion.

    I have glutes of steel, and can crack walnus with them!

  • Agree Nick.

    Nick L wrote (see)

    I have glutes of steel, and can crack walnus with them!

    Once again, pointless without a photo.



    it is mine...honest!
  • *pops head round thread*

    has Nick got his nut cracker out again??

  • hi John,

    i have had loads of trouble with the it bands in both my legs. I have used patt straps and to be honest they made very little difference, i also used a foam roller, attended physio for 8 weeks, done nightly stretches in the ITB and glutes, took glucosamine, rested, iced, you name it i tried it!

    I wont go into how i ended up with problems in both legs but long story short i think the foam roller did me more harm than good (thats not to say it wont work for you though)

    In the end it turns out that my right leg is a little shorter than the left, I bought a pair of silicone heel inserts in a local running shop and inserted one only in my right shoe, i was able to go out and run 15 miles pain free that day. Since then i have read a few articles that say ITBS can be caused by a number of things but one article said that in 70% of cases a shop bought orthotic will sort it out.

    I recommend you get a friend to look at you from behind with your arms by your side, if one shoulder is slightly lower than the other then the leg on that side is short. You could mess around with a host of remedies but this is quick, cheap and could work for you almost immediately as it did for me.

    p.s four weeks after sorting out the problem, in my first 10k race since the injury, i took 2 mins off my pb so the little insert was well worth £10!
  • I also did the roller, ice and strengthening thing.  6 weeks with no running, a very gentle ramp back up and it worked for me.  No problem with the ITB since.  Although it does still get a little tight if I slacken off the exercises or stretches for a couple of weeks. I just cut back on a run or two and make sure I do the roller properly and it's fine again.

    I went to see a physio recently though for an achilles problem and was told that I was a neutral runner with no underlying imbalances so no need for orthotics for me.

    I would recommend trying the roller, rest etc first.  If that doesn't work then go to a physio and get yourself checked over to see if there's any underlying imbalances that need further investigation.

    Hope you find a solution soon.

  • Oh, and nice nutcracker Nick!!
  • Hi John

    I had five months out with ITB trouble from January to May. I tried everything including the Patt Strap and the foam roller and nothing worked.

    My last resort was trying midfoot striking, also known as Chi running. Since then I have had six months of injury free running. No ITB trouble at all.

    Basically by not heel-striking, you are taking loads of pressure off the knee.
    The hard bit was learning how to do it and you've got to start off slowly, learn the drills and be patient to grasp the technique. I read the following book, which helped a lot.

  • got some orthotics-tried them today and tried avoiding running on slopes (not easy)-seems less painful today-cheers for the adcice off to amazon now Pendle.
  • book purchased-looking forward to years of trouble free running (fingers crossed)
  • JH i tried the mid foot strike thing too, apparently improving your running form reduces the chances of loads of injuries and can dramatically improve your performance. Its not for everyone as it is hard work getting the technique right, my calves ached initially (you use different muscle groups running this way) but people say its worth it. If you are interested in changing your running form you need to watch the videos on, the newton shoes apparently are amazing for midfoot/forefoot running, they are quite expensive but if you are struggling that badly it may be a worthwhile expense.

    At the height of my itb problems, forefoot running didnt really help and as i have gotten over the problem (for now) i have returned to my original running style (heel strike), newtons aren't available here in Northern ireland and I'm not game to order them online without seeing them first but i would still consider using them in future if I feel it will help my PB's.
  • John good luck with the advice, if it doesnt work go see a physio/osteo/ chiropracter who either runs or know about running. They can tell you if you have a long leg, unbalanced muscle problems, odd gait etc. Sorry Last Place but that method is very unreliable. Everyone has wonky shoulders as we all have a dominant side with more muscle bulk.

    Good luck x

  • absolutely phoenix, i'm just saying what worked and didn't work for me. I wish i had gotten the advice i posted up here much earlier, as it would have saved me alot of time and money, and for £10 I wouldn't have been too upset if it didn't work.
    I'm just happy to be over it now.
    All the sensible advice is to go to a physio, i did that for 8 weeks and had some quite painful treatment, it didn't help. No disrespect to my physio, i think she was very good but at no point did she analyse my gait or look for any imbalance, again if this had been spotted early it would have save alot of hassle.
  • lol the body is a wonderful thing, but boy can it be complex to look at properly. Atleast you have it sorted now x
  • haha exactly, and i can sort of laugh about it now but being injured is really frustrating, lets just hope it doesn't re occur in the future!
  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭

    Patt Strap helped for me and made running less painful but it is not a cure.

    Strengthening hip flexors and glutes seems to have solved my probelms as well as regulalr streteching and use of a foam roller to keep the band loose.

    As others have mentioned your best bet is to see a physio who can find out where your problems lie. There can be lots of causes for itbs so your best off seeking professional advice.

  • Hi guys, i've been having similar problems since early October, think it was the culmination of increasing the intensity, and not having a great summer (in terms of getting miles under the belt). I eased off almost completely...and its not as bad as it was, although with these things paranoia, and everything gets the better of it my trainers? style? just doing too much? with races in the new year fast approaching it needs to be narrowed down. Have had 2 physio sessions, and he did say it was the IT band that is definately the problem, but suggested I find the cause of theproblem before trying to do too much strengthening exercises... 

     Doesn't help that originally, i was told by a specialist running store that I need some stability trainer (New Balance 768s was what i used), then after running Paris in April this year i thought lets try and do some more gait analysis (maybe not a great idea) but then I was recommended to run in neutral New Balance 1076s...i'm off to the running shop today, and see if they can see anything unusual...and tell me which they think is best....hopefully they don't just try to sell me a pair of trainers.

     Will also see if those orthotics make a'll be a small price to pay if it rectifys the problem, so far my winter running schedule has been non existent image

     thanks for the opportunity for letting me rant... image

  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    I think you need to find a new physio - he is the one who should be telling you what the cuase of the problem is - what does he think he is getting paid for!
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