Chafing in funny areas

Does anyone else suffer from chafing in odd places (and no that’s not a polite way of referring to my naughty bits)?

I can’t for the life of me seem to keep the skin on my collar bones. They do protrude quite a bit and I can’t seem to prevent my winter tops from rubbing on them.

Vests are ok in the summer but I prefer to wear a t-shirt to keep the sun off my shoulders on longer runs and I’m finding the current weather too cold for vests.

I try to wear tops with lower necklines but I find they just slip backwards as I run and end up rubbing anyway. I have one with a zip up collar, which doesn’t rub as long as I keep it zipped up, but then I get too hot. No amount of body glide helps, either.

It seems to be worse in races, maybe because the increased exertion causes me to sweat *even* more than usual. I’ve done two half marathons recently and both times came away with blood running down my décolletage, looking like I’ve been attacked by a vampire with a bad aim.


  • Simple answer put tape over your collar bones, along the length. Micropore or similar. image
  • I get that as well.  I have two little scars on each bone from it.

    Yep, tape works *bows forth to the forum sage for she is truly wise*

  • I always find this can be a problem with some tops too.

    If you find the sweat means the tape 'slips off' I suggest compression top- they are so tight and stretchy that it doesn't 'rub' just molds around.

  • Thanks for the suggestions image

    I haven't tried the medical tape but I had a go with plasters. They came off almost sstraight away though, because I'm so sweaty. image Is the tape a bit stickier? Will it pull the scabs off? I guess I might need to let it heal before I stick tape on it!

    I'll try the compression top if all else fails. Replacing all my gear would be more expensive than a roll of tape!

  • Hope tape works, compression top shouldn't cost more than 40 pounds- but it is stops scars and pain- maybe worth it?

    But don't buy until try and know it works image
  • Why not try Bodyglide?
  • Yes Gemma, if the tape doesn't do the trick I'd rather invest in the compression top than keep suffering. It looks awful, too. Not as bad as I might look in a compression top some might argue!

    I have tried bodyglide Colonel. Unfortunately it doesn't help past 6 or so miles.

  • had nipple chafe have had to start wearing plasters over them

     again like you it's all down to the amount sweat

    t-shirt gets soaking wet and rubs

  • If it falls off due to sweat, put the tape on there an hour or so before your run, it seems to stick better. I had the same problem as you toby... very painful!
  • if you want to use tape, get some Strapal tape as used by sports people and physios as this seems to be the stickiest tape out there and even under heavy sweat will stay put unlike normal zinc oxide tape......

    if you use it on your nips chaps it will stay put but is also likely to give you a chest wax when you take it off - it does stick that well!!
  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    I must be some kind of running freak - I've never had proper chafing anywhere! image

    This implies that you've only had improper chafing D2D!image
  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    I must be some kind of running freak - I've never had proper chafing anywhere! image

    Me neither, except blister chafing.

    What is going on in your avatar? You look like you're skipping, running sideways or doing a grapevine image

  • Looks like she's trying to run on the white lines but losing her balanceimage

    You lucky, lucky people with your lack of chafing. I think it's because I get so sweaty and over time it dries out a bit and goes salty and crusty and abrasive. Yuk! image

  • Another thing you might want to try Lisa, long term, is to build up your pecs. As they attach to the collar bone they'll be less prominent if there's more muscle on 'em.

    So drop and give me 20 press-ups! image

  • Hmmm, good suggestion, but I'm not sure I can build them up much in the right place. I already work out with weights (and I can do 20 press-ups!) but my pecs seem to start further out towards my shoulder and lower down in the middle (if that makes any sense!) so my collar bones stick out above them.

    Maybe I could get implants!

  • Lack of pies is certainly not my problem, believe me. 

    My collar bones do not stick out because I am skinny. Far from it. It's just how I'm built.

    I am actually overweight by BMI (which, in my opinion, is a load of sh*te, so make of that what you will) so I should probably give the pies a rest really.

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