Any plumbers on here

A couple of weeks ago the heating pipes started humming. They do it when the shower is on and for a few seconds after the taps are turned off. All the info on the internet seems to be about how to stop it happening (cue plummery stuff I don't understand!). What I wanna know is is this the sort of thing that can be safely ignored, or is it something that needs sorting out?


  • Maybe they have forgotton the words?
  • Is it air in the pipes? Can be ignored if that is the cause but costs your pocket in the long team because your going to lose heat and get a higher gas bill.
  • When they start humming ' Mull of Kintyre' take a really big hammer and beat the crap outta them.
  • it's when the prisoners start banging tunes on them with metal cups you need to start worrying
  • Sounds as if you have got some air trapped in your water pipes.
  • type in water hammer in to google

    i had similar when flushing the toilet

  • Questions from plumber hubby:

    1)  how long has the shower been installed?

    2)  is it electric or off the hot water tank?

    3)  does it make a noise like a kettle boiling or cooling down?

    We're off out tonight, so if you reply and don't hear from me until tomorrow morning that's why

  • 4) What has recently changed that could be a contributory factor?

  • CXheers for responses. Thankfully they're not humming christmas hits yet!

    In response to Hashette

    1) longer than Ive been living here (15 months or so)

    2) off the water tank

    3) no it's much more of a hum. First time we heard it thought my housemate had left his guitar amp on as it sounded like electic feedback.  Though you can sometimes hear water rushing in the pipes.


    4) only changes were the weather got colder and it rained alot!

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