ladies running hats/gloves

Want to buy a good running hat + gloves for running in Scotland (colder than I'm used to in the South!) for my daughter.  Looking at either the Nike range or Ronhill do one with a pink (therefore girly) trim.  Any ladies got suggestions for good ones that are comfy and warm?  I just use whatever comes to hand!!


  • Well, of course, things with pink on do keep you that much warmer, don't they? image

    I find cheap, thin, fleece gloves do the job for me.  I always end up taking them off and stuffing them down my tights after a couple of miles anyway.

    I never wear a hat, as they make me too hot, but I do use an ear-warmer, and/or a buff.

    You can get buffs in all sorts of colours and patterns, and they're very versatile.

  • I think I have the pink & black Ronhill ones you're talking about. Never worn the hat but the gloves are good. They keep my hands warm enough but I'm in the south so probably haven't experienced temperatures as cold as you! Seem comfortable enough and are light enough to carry if not wearing them

    If you're daughter uses an ipod, then they are thin enough to still control it whether it be touch screen or click wheel. Well it's a bonus for me anyway!

  • Thanks everyone - there is just too much choice!
  • I bought my friend some of the ladies Ron Hill pink gloves... my goodness, they were PINK...!!

     Talking Teddy Boy Socks bright...

  • I have some of these - Love them. I get very cold hands, but when they warm up, they get itchy if they're too hot. These are perfect and are very light too. You can get them for £5-6 if you hunt around on Ebay.

    Hats - I have a fleecy headband from Aldi which I wear most of the time when it's cold, or a yellow fleecy hat which I got for completing a half marathon.

    Not very coordinated, but it suits me fine image

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