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Your review ways: "Not so friendly It’s only compatible with iTunes so you have no choice about where you can buy your music online."

Sorry but this is rubbish!

Firstly it is possible to load music on with other applications.

Secondly you can buy your music from anywhere and iTunes (or other app) will put them on the iPod.  I have on my iPod mp3s I've ripped from my own CDs and that I've bought from a wide variety of retailers such as Amazon/Play etc.  There is however not one track bought from the iTunes store on there.



  • I can't read the review but if the above post is valid what's the point of a review if the reviewer can make such a cretinously basic error?
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Hello Moraghan, didn't expect to find you here.

    Was coming on here to mount my hobby horse about running with stuff stuck in your ears drowning out the sound of the boy racer/ little old lady one car from new, coming up behind youimage

    Then I wondered what RW were doing putting this topic on trainimg?
  • No idea what it's doing in this section - maybe training the ear drums is the new shortcut.

    Anyway, glad to see you got the email about thursday being hobby horse day!

  • Well IF your going to review do it properly theres absolutely no information about how they fair in bad weather with regards to rain. A review containing six out of the many available isn't much of a review tbh, it makes the whole thing look like a two page filler because you couldnt think of anything else to fill the pages with. 

    I also dont understand why you need a big screen for running I thought the idea was that you load it up press start and off you go, ah well thats my 2p worth

  • Why not review the ipod shuffle. It clips on, is tiny and i wouldn't run with anything else
  • Go-KLGo-KL ✭✭✭
    Why not review the Sandisk Sansa Clip? For running it wipes the floor with all those reviewed and is better value and more usable than the iPod Shuffle.
  • The statement that you could only use I-Tunes was the one that would put me of this product so thank you for correcting that fundamental error. Would you recommend it as a good durable runners MP3?
  • The statement that you could only use I-Tunes was the one that would put me of this product so thank you for correcting that fundamental error. Would you recommend it as a good durable runners MP3?
    Posted: Yesterday 12:5

     Yes absolutely. I have been using ipod nano's for a long time now (two versions / or generations as apple like to say), and they seem to be bombproof. Never had an issue. I use the nike armband, but I sweat like a pig when running hard and the wetness get through, and I also don't care how hard it rains so I run in some torrential rainstorms, and never has a nano let me down.

    Only thing I would say is that when my nano and nike armband are soaked, the selection wheel will not work, but if you've selected a good playlist it doesn't matter. All the buttons still work and you can skip to the next song if you don't like the one that is on.

    Like a lot of people who have commented above, I find it staggering how wrong RW got it about having to get everything off itunes. Total rubbish. You can put any mp3 or aac track on to it no matter where you got it, but you will need itunes to transfer the music over (although if you don't want to use itunes there are third party apps that will do it, but itunes is free and it's a good program.


  • I just bought one of these (Sansa Clip) to replace a shuffle and COMPLETELY agree with the above comment!

    Much easier, more options and a radio. Plus its easier to get music on and you don't have to bother with process sapping iTunes!

  • I have the new shuffle and have many issues with it, the volume is too low, but most importantly its difficult to put is anywhere without it chafing. Maybe its just me; I now put it on my rain jacket but when it warms up, if I put it on my tee shirt or my shorts theres no end of problems. As its a clip, one part needs to be on the inside, hence chafing. Any useful tips would be welcome. (Am I missing something obvious)

    BTW i bought a Belkin device (£10 from Amazon) as my shuffle earphones broke - it has the volume and track selector buttons. I use it in conjuction with earphones with a short lead.

  • Interesting reviews, but surely on the internet there must be a better way of comparing six items than making the reader click through six pages? Why not make a very long page with "Back to top" clicks and so on??

    As for the detail, I am afraid that I wouldn't even consider taking a player costing over £100 out running - in dry or wet weather - and I would need some persuading if it cost over £50! The risk of it getting wet (whether from rain or sweat) and the risk of dropping it just seem too high! Maybe the reviewers have money to burn, I don't know.

    I use a little Samsung MP3 / FM radio player - the YP U2, now discontinued, but still available form time to time new on ebay - that cost about £20 and it seems fine. It looks a bit like the first of the two Sonys reviewed above (the NW2, I think?). I drag about 50 tracks on to it and then it is good to go for a three hour run. (Or shorter!) It is extremely fiddly if I need to adjust the controls en route, but that never really seems to be necessary. It fits neatly into my back key pocket, so there's no need for armbands or fancy straps. It's very much like a little USB stick. Radio reception is perfectly good too - the earplug lead acts as an antenna.

    I would be interested to read a review of half a dozen sub-£50 MP3 FM radio players.

  • In reply to the post about the Shuffle - I clip it in my hair as my hair is tied back or drop it down my cleavage - either way I then don't need a long cord trailing everywhere. 

     I too would not dream of using an MP3 play worth over £100 when running.  I also have a Nano but I use the shuffle when running.  Its easy to operate and I dont feel the need for a screen.  More importantly its much cheaper - I'm certainly not going to risk the Nano as I certainly cant afford to replace it and besides its harder to carry around as its so much bigger.

  • I have always enjoyed music when I have been running and I have used the iPod since it's release and I have no complaints whatsoever. I do think that working with Nike so that it could be integrated within their clothing has enhanced the product. 

     There are some very clever gadgets around to accompany the iPod, one innovation has been the Timex Ironman watch which can control the mp3 player remotely whilst using the chronometer.

     My current Ipod is the Nano and I have had no issues when running with it. I think it's down to the user as to how you use the product. I'm a fan of the product and is an essential part of my personal training as I never use it in races nor group runs.

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