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Sore achilles


I was wondering if anybody had some achilles advice.

I ran four miles last Monday, which was a routine run and one I'd done 100 times.
A few hours later I had some mild pain in my right achilles tendon. Nothing much to write home about.

I went out on Wednesday and almost immediately my achilles was sore. It wasn't acute pain but it was uncomfortable enough to stop and walk after a mile or so. I have never had any problems with my achilles before.

The only thing I've done differently in the past week or so is buy some new running shoes but I had been out on three short steady runs to break them in as I know that new shoes can cause injuries.

So I'm baffled. Anyway I'm now planning a few days off and I may try my old running shoes next time. I'm doing the usual RICE stuff etc but does anybody have any experience with sore/niggly achiiles and possible remedies? It's fine to walk on and there is no discomfort apart from when I run. I am also a midfoot striker and have had no injuries for ages...

Thanks in advance


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    I've had an on and off problem with my achilles for a few months until I recently had my gait checked at a running shop. They said that I over-pronate so I got myself some shiny new asics for over-pronating and so far it's been ok.

    I only used to get the problem with my road shoes, no probs with my trail ones.

    I would say that as you've never had problems before it's probably down to your new shoes, it may have taken a few runs for it to start affecting your achilles, hence you were ok for the first three runs.

    Try getting your gait checked maybe

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    Agreed. Also make sure you do loads of specific stretching and also some stregthening work for your calves. Be careful as it can be quite nasty and wreck training for quite a while.
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    i was unfortunate enough to suffer achilles tendonitis in exactly the same way,new trainers

    rice like you've already started,may be worth going to the sports injury clinic for massage,friction and ultrasound or sonic always get ther 2 mixed up.the thought here is a check now might limit the damage where as if you continue you may have a considerable lay off.a good physio can also give you the right amount of stretching exercises 

    sorry cannot remember how long it stopped me,certainly never ran in those trainers again (asics cumulus or nimbus)

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    Another shout for the wrong shoes over here.  I'd been running for nearly 10 years, had a wrong gait analysis in a running shop and was told I was a neutral runner so didn't need the support shoes I'd always worn.  I swapped to neutral and it took a few months for the achillies to start moaning.

    I had a proper, computerised gait analysis last week that was like the road to Damascus - hindsight really is 20:20, but because of the gap between changing shoes and the problems starting, I didn't make the link. Suffice to say I'm back in support shoes.

    One exercise that really helps me is standing on a step (holding on) put all your weight on the ball of your foot and then slowly, gently, lower yourself down so that the back of your ankle is hanging below the step.  Don't hold it there if it's sore, several dynamic stretches are loads better than one long static one.  Also calf stretches help.  Good luck and I hope it sorts itself out.

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    Hashette - I've found the stretch you mention really good for my achilles too
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    Thanks for all the tips.
    Bit of an update.
    I had three days off and went back to using my old trainers and I've been out running twice without any achilles problems at all.
    Very very strange. I'm doing a 10k on Dec 27 so will use my old trainers until then.
    The problem is whether I go back to using the trainers that have given me problems or get some others...
    Decisions, decisions...


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    i did read somewhere the other day that too much cushioning in a shoe can cause bounce and aggrevate the achilles,i just changed shoes too and the shoes have a lot of cushioning and i could feel a niggle in my achilles,started using my old shoes again and the new ones every other day.
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    You pretty much know what caused your achilles problem - why would you tempt fate and use those shoes again. If you get a more severe problem that won't clear up you are going to kick yourself (hopefully with some more suitable footwear).
    Were the new shoes the same type as your old ones? If not how did you choose the new ones and why? Get some more the same as the old ones.
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    If I was you I'd go and get your gait properly checked and get some new runners that match your gait, and then maybe try and ebay the new ones that have caused the probs. Even though they give you problems they could be perfect for someone else. Although I haven't actually ebayed the ones that caused me the problems, I just use them as general trainers for on my exercise bike and stuff like that.

     I wouldn't chance the new ones just because they are new, it isn't worth risking the damage you could do

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    I had the same problem and did nothing about it until it was acute. I then had 6 months off as every time I ran the tendonitis developed and my Achilles swelled as well as being tight and very sore.  After much physio, stretching, the purchase of suitable shoes and a lot of financial outlay I am back running. Get some gait analysis and ensure you have the correct shoes. Cheers

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    I had major problems with my achilles earlier this year. I've had problems before and have my gait analysed. I over pronate to orthotics and physio sorted it out. Earlier this year I had it came back, mainly due to over use but this time I tried something different, along with physio I had acupuncture, I was amazed at the results. The physio also recommended the use of nitric oxide patches. These patches are placed on the achilles, with the nitric oxide being absorbed through the skin. What this does is dialates the blood vessels and increases the amount of blood to that area, thus speeding up recovery of the achilles. You have to get these patches from you GP, you can't buy them over the counter.
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    If your Achilles tendon is sore or you are experiencing pain in the Achilles tendon it is important to seek a doctor. The medical practitioner performs a physical examination to check for tenderness and pain in the affected area. X-rays and MRI scans are also used to diagnose arthritis. Listed below are measures that are normally recommended by a doctor to treat sore Achilles tendon.

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    In the starting stage of doing running exercise, getting mild pain in the Achilles tendon. Wearing proper shoes and also properly doing this exercise is an important thing. Because few men are getting injured or feel a heavy pain in their legs due to carelessness. So be careful to follow the running exercises with the help of a trainer.
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    Just got back in to running after taking long time off due to Achilles tendinitis. For me I would say best thing is rest. I was stupid ignored my symptoms which obviously made things worse. I’ve followed advice and bought myself some compression tights, which is completely new to me, initially felt a bit exposed 🤣 but now love them, support strap around my ankle and gel heel inserts in my Adidas trainers and so far so good. Taking it gentle though. So anyone out there with Achilles tendinitis I would say don’t be stupid like me and don’t try to run through the pain, better to take time off and rest however frustrating this is. 
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